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Boker 240

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by sm, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    I am not associated with New Graham, other than that of a satisfied customer ( really nice folks) and his description of the knife is well done and with a nice picture.

    I am biased, as I too have experiences with Boker knives , including stag, bone, and these with Rosewood handles, including this very same knife.

    Gentleman I know got another two of these 240's in.
    He has older ones, still in fine shape, and were used. Just he has grandkids and wanted to set those back, and get two more for users.
    If you have kids, or grandkids, you understand all about this.

    Fit and finish are great!
    These knives just feel so good in the hand, and there are no rough spots or anything to feel.
    Good looking knife!
    Rosewood looks great, and takes on character as one uses it. Much like a wood stock on a long gun or wood stocks on a handgun.

    The etching on the main blake with "Tree Brand" is really nice! These came in as the picture in the link shows, very tastefully done.
    No blade play on either blade and these blades fit up against back springs as nice and pretty as can be.

    Quite a few knives today are "tacky" with some of the enhancements on a blade, not these Tree Brands like the picture. This is really classic look and done correctly.

    One backspring, for the two blades and both blades have walk-n-talk.
    One backspring also makes this knife thin, and very pocket friendly and comfortable in the hand.

    Nail nicks are nice and easy to use.
    Shield are in the knife and being honest he nor I , or anyone has ever had one come out. Therefore we don't know if these are pinned for sure, we suspect they are.
    (We seem to recall being told they were way back when as well)

    This knife was sharp out of the box, just a simple strop on a manila envelope on a wood cutting board.
    [Very little known and secret method of stropping you see? *wink]

    For reference, the main blade is a tad bigger than that of a Case Peanut. The pen blade is a bit smaller than that of a Case Peanut.

    Everyone should have at least one nice "gentleman's" or "ladies" , whichever the case may be, traditional pocket knife.
    Just a simple, classy, elegant non locking pocket knife.

    This Boker 204 is one such suggestion. It fits into all sorts of settings, especially in today's society.
    Business Meeting, Weddings, Funerals, and other settings.

    Act respectable, be a gentleman and cut a lemon for a ladies drink, cut a chocolate for a lady so as to not mess up her lipstick, or for two kids to share at a nice function where everyone is dressed nice and using social graces.

    Ladies do this, always have, and they too use Boker 204s .
    This same/similar knife is available with MOP (mother of pearl) handles that is really attractive for a lady as well.
    I do not recall that pattern number , nor did I look it up before typing this.

    Now this Boker 204 is a classic, good looking, still it is a tough and proven knife.
    I have carried one so I know.

    This fella, will with these, as he had with his others, cleaned small game, birds, ducks, fish, whittled, used for making fires as this Soligen Carbon Steel tosses nice sparks, if the knife is closed and using the spine.

    It is a user, and from Theatere to Back Forty, and wherever else, this knife gets used.

    He sharpens freehand, and he finally used one enough to touch it up.
    Just a small Case Fine/Hard stone, the same one I have mentioned before under 3" and in a plastic case.

    He also uses the small Norton combo I have shared, just the way me and mine are.

    Now this carbon steel is good! One can feel it when sharpening and using it, and we have no problem sharpening these, and the edges taking and edge and keeping an edge.

    Defensive use some will ask.
    Defensive is between the ears more so than the physical object one has.
    No tool is ever any better than that of the user.
    And it is the intent of the user of a tool as to what that tool does, not the tool itself.

    So he has with the same knife, been "comfortable" knowing a sharpened No. Pencil, sharpened with a 204 was on person.
    Comfortable he could and did make a fireplace in his fireplace when the power went out, and cooked in the fireplace.

    He has hunted / fished and in passing forward, cleaned game/fish, made a fire with a Boker 204 cut a small stick to put game onto, to cook a squirrel , or trout in aluminum foil in the coals.

    I recommend this knife, and admit being biased.
    Still I am not the only one that appreciates this knife as evidenced by someone that just bought 2 more, just like 2 he has carried for a long time.

  2. RancidSumo

    RancidSumo Member

    May 16, 2007
    Green River, WY
    I have always liked Boker knives. That looks like a really nice knife for a decent price. I might have to add it to my small collection after my wallet recovers from my most recent knife purchase.

    BTW, Glad to see your back. The knife section wouldn't be the same without you.
  3. Valkman

    Valkman Member

    Jul 31, 2003
    North Las Vegas, NV
    Great review and looks like a great knife!

    Woohoo! I am a happy guy. :)
  4. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    Boker 8288i

    This is a smaller version of the 240.

    I am sticking this knife in here, as what I shared in regard to the Boker 240 applies to this knife as well.

    Legal Restrictions, and not just for our wonderful ladies and gent friends in the UK and elsewhere, also here in the USA, is why I share this knife here.

    Someone may see the 204 and think that same knife in a smaller size would fit their needs better.

    I wish I had another of the 204 and 8288i, these are that nice of a knife for the money.

    Still for a nice gift these are that nice a knife.

    Defensive Use?
    Use the broom for the office , or the trash can you sharpened a No. 2 pencil over with either one of these knives.

    I mean...you do have a broom near, and/or a trash can under /near your desk- right?

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