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Bought a Glock G32...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Coffee357, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. Coffee357

    Coffee357 Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    and a used G23 barrel for 50 bucks! Got it to the range on Wednesday and ran 50 rounds of Speer Lawman .357 and 100 rounds of Winchester Value Pack .40 through the gun without malfunction. My immpressions are as follows...

    1) First... I need to get to the range more often. As I often find with my Glocks, if it's been a few months since shooting (and it's been more than a few) it takes me a bit to get used to the trigger.
    Getting any idea of sight regulation and grouping was futile until after the first couple magazines...

    2) The .357 was snappy and from a rest I frequently found my support hand slipping when touching off a round. This problem did not occur when shooting without a rest. The pronounced grip angle seemed to force the gun further into my hand under recoil, rather than trying to wrench the gun free. I did notice the "crack" that .357 shooters talk about and it was noticably different from the more "booming" 40.
    Recoil on the .357 was more noticable than the fourty but it could be due to the rounds selected. (I hear the Speer is loaded fairly hot where the Winchester VP fodder is somewhat light). From a bench the .357 was an extremely tight shooter with all rounds going into one hole in the bottom of a 2" triangle at 7 yards (I shot out to 15 yards on this outing but this was primarily a function test and a sight regulation check). During one and two handed standing drills the gun came back on target naturally and follow up shots were quick and in center mass. Between the 40 and the .357, this was my first choice.

    3) The 40 had less recoil than I remembered. Although there were no malfunctions, some case bulging was noticed on the spent brass (I understand this is normal with the 40's). Primer strikes were (as with the .357) well centered with no pierced primers and no light strikes. I could not get the 40 to group worth a damn. Five .357's in one hole followed by five 40's in 3"... At seven yards! (@#$%!) I was not impressed with myself. A couple of theories... a) cheap Winchester ammo - not a reflection on Winchester generally, but this was a Value pack. b)maybe the gun doesn't like the 165 grain bullets, or, c) This was a used barrel. Whereas I checked the barrel for obstructions before use, I did not clean it. Not really any telling the last time the barrel was cleaned (though it looked like the chamber was). Maybe someone used lead in it? I'll have to clean it and get back to the range. The 40 was controllable in one and two hand shooting from a standing position and returned to target fairly quickly (but not as quick as the .357) and gave some decent center mass groups.

    Overall a very enjoyable (and very needed!) range session. I believe I wound up with an excellent self defense pistol and game finishing gun. I need to experiment with different 40 loads and a clean barrel before using this carry option. Not entirely convinced of replacing the G19 in my holster with this new weapon, but close. An easy 4 stars!

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