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Bought a M&P45 - Initial Thoughts & Range Report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by D-Man, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. D-Man

    D-Man Member

    Jan 31, 2006
    (I'm copying my thoughts on the M&P45 that I already posted in the M&P Forums. As you'll read, I am very impressed with the M&P).

    I had been thinking about a new .45, and since I already have a 1911 (S&W), I was focusing on a hi-cap polymer model. The three main competitors were the Glock 21/21SF, S&W M&P, and XD45. I had to rule out the Glock immediately, as the grip just was too big for my hands.

    This morning I compared both the M&P to the XD. Honestly both felt very good in my hand, but in the end I went with the M&P for the following reasons:

    1) The guns were similarly priced, but with the rebate/mag promo I'll get $50 back and 2 free magazines.
    2) I like the 1911 styled thumb safety.
    3) The M&P sits lower in my hand, which should give me less flip and better recoil handling.
    4) While the M&P does lose out in capacity by 3 rounds, as we've seen there are rumors of extended capacity magazines. Even if longer in length than the 10 rounders, they shouldn't be much longer than how the XD is stock.
    5) I am a happy S&W owner (1911, 642, and 19-3).

    I just cleaned it up, and hope to take it to the range tomorrow for it's break-in. After a few sessions, I am planning to send it out to get a trigger job, new sights, and other cosmetic add-ons.

    By the way, one thing that suprised me is that I think I prefer the medium backstrap. I don't have large hands, and initially felt the gun with the small backstrap on, but the medium filled out better in my hand. Heck, even the large didn't feel that bad!

    I braved the light snow and low 30 degree temps to hit the outdoor range this morning (the stations are covered, so it's not too bad). Anyway, I shot just over 100 rounds of mostly FMJ, and came away very impressed! For comparison purposes, I also took my S&W1911 with me.

    Bear in mind that I'm a novice shooter, but one thing that surprised me was that the M&P handled recoil nicer than the 1911 - the 1911 had more muzzle rise to it.

    Another interesting observation was that after shooting the M&P, gripping the 1911 felt weird - almost like it was too thin. I have Ahrends wood grips on my 1911, and they are actually a little thicker than the stock wood panels. But the ergonomics of the M&P (I had the medium in) won out.

    The magazines are very tough to load, and most times I just put 9 in. I assume these will break in, but getting the 2 extra free mags will be nice to have.

    I couldn't tell how accurate it was since the outdoor range targets are objects (bowling pins mostly) hung in the air 25 yards away. I'll need to take the time to drive to the indoor range to shoot at closer distances.

    Again, I expected a good experience from reading other glowing reviews on the M&P45, but didn't think it would be that good! And I can't imagine how much it will improve after I send it out for some work!!
  2. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Member

    May 1, 2006
    Puyallup Washington
    good to hear, always nice to see the M&P fan club grow.
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