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Brad Krause answers your questions

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Brad_Krause, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Brad_Krause

    Brad_Krause Member

    Jun 7, 2009
    After having read the thread listed below, I see why it was closed.

    I would like to answer your questions and hear what you have to say about openly carrying a sidearm in Wisconsin. The hosts of Cutting Edge Outdoors have asked me to be a guest on their show Saturday, June 13th from 6 AM - 8 AM on SportsRadio 1250 AM WSSP, which is heard in the Milwaukee area and also streams online from http://www.sportsradio1250.com/ by pressing the Listen Live button on the top right. If you would like to call in and ask questions or make a comment, the radio station phone number is (414) 799-1250 and I'd be happy to your call live during the show.

    Common sense is needed, so please use a bit more of it than some people used in the above thread. Most everyone that had a comment was reasonable, and I don't mind if you disagree or have a tough question when you call in.
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