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Browning A-Bolt II/BOSS in .375 H&H...a plan.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by BusMaster007, Jun 2, 2003.

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  1. BusMaster007

    BusMaster007 Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Upper Left Coast
    Well, I'm getting the excitement of planning two new rifles for next year --- :what:

    If I don't build a Remington 700 BDL 'Tactical' .375 H&H, I'm strongly considering the Browning A-Bolt II with BOSS/open sights/detachable mag.
    Currently, it is offered as the Stainless Stalker (...if only it were offered as a Composite Stalker in my favorite rifle color - BLACK...)


    It has a great combination of features for what will amount to a semi-custom rifle for me.
    It is to join what is in progress at AR15.com as their 2003 Special Project rifle, an ArmaLite AR10 in an exclusive configuration.
    When I first discovered rifles, I thought I'd like a .308/auto and a .375/bolt...both Remingtons.
    NOW, years later, I may be spending a chunk on TWO VERY NICE rifles in the same caliber/config as I wanted in the beginning, only these will be special edition guns for me.
    I've also been researching some nice gunstocks for the .375, particularly a thumbhole version ( pistolgrips are comfortable in my slightly arthritic hands - years of Bus Driving will do that, you know! ) :


    This is a link to a photo of an A-Bolt .375 H&H with sights and BOSS in blue/wood:


    I'd like to hear from any of you with the A-Bolt II rifles, especially in .375 H&H.
    I did use the Search for both THR & TFL.
    Please let me know how these guns performed for you.
    Thank you.:D
  2. Poodleshooter

    Poodleshooter Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Mr. Jefferson's country
    Since you asked about A-bolt II's in general....
    I've been satisfied with my A-bolt Stainless Stalker in 7mmRM. The action is smooth, the trigger is excellent, and the magazine is reliable. As a reloader, the BOSS drives me insane. It adds too many variables for me to deal with, so I just load to a velocity I want, then play with the BOSS till the load shoots accurately. If you get the compensated BOSS the noise factor is deafening without hearing protection. It probably would be worth it in the .375, though.
    Personally I prefer my A-bolt's feel to that of the 700ADL's and Model 7's that I've shot. I don't have much experience with the BDL configuration however, so I can't offer a comparison.
  3. BusMaster007

    BusMaster007 Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Upper Left Coast
    I have 3 Remington BDL's;
    a 700 Police in .308;
    a 700 in 7mm Rem.Mag.;
    and a 700 in .338 Win.Mag. in the the D-M version,
    (which I'm putting up for adoption to assist in financing the AR15.com Specail Project ARmaLite AR10, and make way for its replacement in .375 H&H.)
    The .338 can be seen here:

    I like the Remington 700 just fine. Prefer them, actually. They feel natural to me when I pick them up.

    I also have a Browning BAR in 7mm Rem.Mag. w/BOSS (both muzzle brake and CR), and it's my 'nicest' rifle.

    I LOVE the BAR... :D
    The CR unit is on it for the reason you mentioned - NOISE.
    I can see where the BOSS would drive a hanldloader bananas.

    Since Africa isn't in my plans, but a really nice gun with many nice and unusual features IS, the A-Bolt .375 looks like the favored newbie.
    It'd look great in a Browning Travel Vault with the BAR, don't you think? :cool:
    If the rifle is a good performer, that's what I want to hear about.
  4. BusMaster007

    BusMaster007 Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Upper Left Coast
    I posted this on Shooters.com:
    Guess what Dummy here just found...? :rolleyes:
    In all my excitement, I got so stuck on the page with the stainless model A-Bolt, I neglected to TURN THE PAGE, and find the Medallion model, in BLUE/.375 H&H/BOSS/OPEN SIGHTS! :D

    Browning 2003 Catalog
    Rifle section page 11
    Code Number 035-002332
    24"bbl.w/BOSS(means the actual bbl. length is 22")
    MSRP of $875.00
    13" sight radius

    I truly favor the Black Rifle look, as stated above.
    The real deal matte is not available, but, the blue IS.
    FINE with me!
    It'll match my BAR/7mm/BOSS. Excellent.
    I wonder if Browning will have a spare stock in BLACK, maybe the new Dura-Touch...

    Time to start catalog thrashing for mounts/rings/scopes/etc.
    Now I can get down to business!

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