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CA Gun Laws and Toy Store Loop Hole

Discussion in 'Legal' started by KC&97TA, May 6, 2006.

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  1. KC&97TA

    KC&97TA Member

    Jul 17, 2005
    Legal Stuff:

    First off, I'm not from CA, I'm Active Duty Military with 2 legally permitted AR-15's. If you're in CA and not from CA and would like to have AR15's, send me a message and I'll reply with the phone number to the CA Department of Justice.

    The Meat and Potato's of this Thread:

    I've been trying to order a broom stick and M1913 rail for my M4-gery, but as CA would have it, It's illegal to mail order one, and stealing a weapons componet of any kind is courts martialable offence... So today I was wondering around doing some window shopping, thought I'd drop into the "Jungle Toys" airsoft store, my-my how carried away some people get with air soft guns.

    So I've had my eyes open for a 'decent' tactical bag for my M4-gery w/o spending over $100, I ran accross the, Infinity Tactical 40" Rifle Bag with LBV Vest, which is also big enough for my wifes NM AR. Really nice drag bag, plus the store is running 25% off today, while I'm at the counter, I spot the Picitinny rail and broom stick that I've been trying to mail order (w/o sucess do to CA law against them and the average CA citizen not holding the "dangerous weapons permit") As I'm looking at the broom stick and rail in the display case I ask the sales person what it's for, he tells me it's for an AirSoft gun, (it's package is marked AR-15/M16) as he goes into detail about how much better it is to have the broom stick and not haveing to bend your wrist, LOL. At this point I notice they sell real Aim Points, HALO sites, lasers, surefire rip offs, and just about everything else you would put on a "real gun", to include the magazine clamps to hold M16 mags parralel with each other.

    Little irritated at why I can't order the same part for a real gun that I can for a toy is beyond me... In my personal opinion, haveing never had any toy guns the whole scene seems dangerous, I have real guns in my house, it kind of scares me that some little kid is running around right now with a M4 AirSoft that looks as real as my M4, just a bit of Black Spray paint to take away that Orange compensator... yes the AirSoft I saw today had a metal upper and lower reciever with M4 hand guards and a metal barrel.

    So I've found the loop hole, again... I'm really scared right now though, as my M4-gery sits in the safe, I feel it has become so dangerous with the broom stick and surefire attached, that I may have to put a chamber flag in it just to be "Safe"
  2. Telperion

    Telperion Member

    Mar 23, 2003
    No loophole here. Vertical grips and railed foreends are legal, but some companies refuse to ship to California because Bill Lockyer & co. threatened to shake them down.
  3. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2002
    Virden, IL
    Be careful out there. . . .

    The BMDACS (Bureau of Mountain Dew, Airsoft, and CounterStrike) has their own elite enforcement team now, and you don't want to mess with them:

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