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Cabela’s Helps Hunting Heritage Defense Committee Fight Proposed Dove Hunting Ban.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Barbara, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Contact: Hunting Heritage Defense Committee
    Contact Person: Bryan B. Reynard
    Committee Name: Hunting Heritage Defense Committee
    Toll free number: 877-861-8373
    Fax Number: 810-229-6866
    Email Address: info@michiganhunting.org
    Web site address: www.michiganhunting.org
    Cabela’s Helps Hunting Heritage Defense Committee Fight Proposed Dove Hunting Ban.
    Howell, Michigan 7/25/05 – The Hunting Heritage Defense Committee will join other outdoor organizations at the 97th American Casting Association National Tournament, August 6, 2005 at Cabela’s Dundee, Michigan retail store located just 20 miles north of Toledo and 20 miles South of Ann Arbor.
    HHDC is a grassroots ballot question committee formed to oppose the 2006 ballot initiative that would ban the hunting of doves in Michigan. Our mission is to defend Michigan’s hunting heritage from well-funded out-of-state special interest groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) who want to ban all hunting. To do this, we will be teaming with other committees and organizations in Michigan in a united front against those who are funding this initiative.

    As sportsmen and women across this state are coming to realize, the issue of whether or not we hunt doves has been drawn into the larger battle over whether we have the right to hunt at all. Anti-hunting groups worked most recently in Alaska in an attempt to outlaw bear hunting. However, the grassroots efforts of the hunters, fishermen, and women of that state soundly defeated those attempts. These groups have now targeted the people of Michigan, our traditions and our economy.

    The Hunting Heritage Defense Committee has one purpose: to educate and coordinate people interested in the issue. All of us will speak with one voice in telling these outside groups that the people of this state will uphold the long-standing traditions of hunting and fishing in Michigan.

    To accomplish this we will be holding informational events coupled with voter registration drives across the state. Our presence at the 97th American Casting Association National Tournament in August at Cabela’s is just one such event.

    September 9th HHDC will sponsor a Game Dinner hosted by the Jackson County Outdoor Club, with menu provided by Dixie Dave, famed wild game chef as featured on Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine television show and guest speaker, Former State Representative, Susan Tabor.

    We urge all groups as well as individual sportsmen and women to join the Hunting Heritage Defense Committee in preserving such an important part of Michigan’s heritage by joining us at Cabela’s August 6, 2005.
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