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CASA & First IPSC Match Report

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by roo_ster, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. roo_ster

    roo_ster Member

    Oct 2, 2003
    I shot my first IPSC/USPSA match this weekend at Central Arkansas Shooters Association (CASA).

    My gun-game experience is limited to some IDPA 'round 'bout DFW and IPSC was new to me.

    I was invited by a buddy who lives in the area and his b-in-law. I was bamboozled into helping setup Saturday in Africa-hot weather. (It was a just bamboozling, however, as I have snookered my buddy into moving a friend's household on a trip to my neck of the woods.) The guys & gals at CASA go to no small effort to run a match, IMO.

    All the participants were good folks & quite helpful to a shooter new to IPSC. As with a good drug dealer, "The first hit's free."

    I shot my bone-stock SW1911 stoked with Wally-World Winny White Box .45ACP and borrowed 6 Wilson 10-round magazines from my buddy's b-in-law. Neither SW1911 nor the mags had a hiccup. 100% reliability. The SW1911 comes stock with 2 8-round 47D mags, which also have been flawless. I had thought to buy some cheapie mags in the future, but I have a difficult time arguing against the Wilson mags when they have performed so well.

    I had the dreaded Uncle Mike's plastic fantastic OWB kydex holster and two of the Uncle's double mag holders on my Galco Instructor's belt (1 3/4", reinforced) as well as one single Galco leather & plastic clip-on mag holder. All did their job.

    I would have rather worn my IWB COM holster form HBE, but the heat & humidity would have made a squooshy mess of any IWB leather (I sweat a wee bit...metal finish designers ought to hire me to test their wonder-finishes in the Texas heat). Why the IWB COM? Because that is what my muscle memory is trained to draw from. Every draw during the match, I had to make a conscious effort to go to where the UM rested & fight the urge to go to 4:30, up against my back (where the IWB COM resides with my SW1911).

    It was different than IDPA. A much higher round count and no thought to cover or movement other than gettting through the course as fast as possible.

    I had a hoot of a time & managed not to shoot anybody, get DQ'd, or cause undue stress to other participants. Scores can be found here. I shot what IPSC calls "Limited-10," whatever that means. In my case that meant a factory 1911 with long-ish 10-round mags.

    I will have to shoot more IPSC, IDPA & the like in the future. It is too much fun.

    HSMITH Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    He he heh, yup, the drug dealer comment is right on target. I got completely addicted the first time out.

    My experience was much like yours, super people and a TON of fun.

    I recently 'upgraded' to an UM plastic fantastic LOL, it works fine and is FAST once you learn where it is at. My Blade Tec IWB rigs are about as fast, very nice holsters.

    I have shot a little IDPA too, and much prefer IPSC. My preference is due mainly to the local IDPA guys scripting the stages so tightly that they make it a simple marksmanship contest rather than a combination of decision making and marksmanship. Maybe it is just me but I think decision making is a good thing in the shooting games.

    Just looked at the results and you did quite well. First time out and you get nearly 60% of what an A class shooter does, that is a VERY nice finish for the first match. Good points and good times is what I saw on the scores.

    Congrats, and enjoy the next one, we know no one that enjoys shooting can shoot just one match..........
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