Case timing - Lee holder & 8-32 Cutter Adapter


Jan 14, 2020
I ran across this product recently and even had a fellow at the range telling me how good it worked for him. Read on.

I have some .357 cases that have grown past max length and wanted to trim the batch.
Extras to my existing setup were expensive and a pain to use, so...
That got me to looking, reading & finding this video.
I did a search here on THC but didn't find anything on this particular setup.

These are available on Amazon.
Is anyone here using this trimmer? The price is right to test them.
They will work in a drill, a hand tool or on the motor driven trimmers shown in the video.

After you buy the #90468, all you need are the "Guage/Holders" for additional calibers.
Maybe it's old news...dunno.

1694473735606.png 1694473815060.png
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I've used the trimmers before and they work well for small batches, say 100, before my hands got tired. Never tried the little adapter.
I see they have a wooden ball to hold them and there are press mounted versions that look pretty interesting.

I can't do that by hand anymore.
The clincher for me was its just another step on the Lyman 6 station power trimmer.
Had I known about these I may not have spent $$$ on other gear.
They show that wooden ball here, and another easy on the hands product.
These are all I use to trim rifle brass with (except for a Franklin Armory case trimmer set up for the 223's). I put mine in a Hornady dual case trimmer and hold the cases in a $3 quick change screwdriver handle. Case in, twist the collar on the screwdriver insert, and trim and untwist collar and remove case. Repeat as necessary. Ive tried and have Lee Quick Trims but the adapter and case length gauges are much quicker and easier. Definitely an advantage over a Hornady or Lyman precision trimmer. I suppose if I splurged on a separate Little Crow for every caliber, I'd prefer them, but moderate amounts of brass are all I do at a time and the Little Crow's are pricey.