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Celebrating The 4th At The Range

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ACP230, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. ACP230

    ACP230 Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Upper Michigan
    A bunch of us got together at the range yesterday to celebrate Independence Day. We hadn't shot together for a while, so it was time. The 4th provided a good, patriotic excuse.

    Our wives cooked up a storm, so we ate before shooting much.
    Barbecued pork, several salads, appetizers, chips, pop and my wife's Black Forest cake.

    Guns we shot included two single-shot .22 rifles, a Bronco and an Ithaca 49. A raft of S&W revolvers, M18, M649, M28, M610. A Manurhin/Walther PP, and my Colt Combat Commander 9mm.

    Big guns included two Reising SMGs, my 9mm Madsen M50 SMG, a buddy's newly purchased Searcy .470 double rifle, a Remington 788 Carbine in .308 and, dwarfing the rest, a buddy's blackpowder cannon.

    We did a lot of general plinking, recyling missed clays from the trap range, and some informal sighting-in. At the end went man against man and two man teams against each other with pistols and subguns on steel plates. My 12 year-old did well with the Combat Commander on the plates. My 9mm ammo supply is somewhat depleted today but it was worth burning up a bunch of Olympic ball.

    We shot for several hours. The range has a new cover since I was there last year and it was comfortable in the shade.

    John Adams said the 4th should be celebrated with a lot of loud, festive stuff including "...illuminations, guns..." I think he'd have approved of our celebration.

    God Bless America! Happy Fourth Of July!
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