Chicago PD to offer free pepper spray...

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The funny thing is that a day or so ago the Tribune was quoting a CPD "spokesman" who recomended against pepper spray because it get get on the woman using and could also be used against her.:cuss::banghead::fire:

The sad part is that with the wrong mindset, both of those are problems. You will get some on you. Every cop who has ever used mace/OC has been cross-contaminated. If you're inclined to just close your eyes and go fetal at the onset of a little pain, it can shut you down.

If you have a weapon to bluff your way out of a situation, which a LOT of people do (moreso with guns in the closet at home than with people who CCW, or with mace, but it does happen), the weapon is more dangerous to you than it is to your attacker. "I wouldn't shoot him, I'd just hold him at gunpoint for the cops." No, you're bluffing, and you should pray he doesn't call. I think this tendency is a lot less likely with pepper spray, since it is non-lethal, but some people keep the same mindset.

Before anyone raises an objection, I will say that these problems vanish when you have someone willing to use the weapon. The problem is that the will is not disseminated with the hardware...and in the case of a PD handing out stuff to scared people who had probably never seriously considered carrying a weapon before that day, this is a valid point to consider.

Sorry for the necro-posting, but . . . .

I found this thread today and wanted to add this bit of information in case someone else stumbles across it using the search engine like I did:

Yes, the speculation above is true. It is illegal to possess pepper spray in public in Chicago. You have to admire The Chicago Way, do you not?

CORRECTION: Bix asked me to look up the actual statute, and what I posted above is not quite true. It is illegal to carry pepper spray in Chicago if you carry it in a "menacing or threatening manner" (so remember to smile) or if you "conceal said weapon" (so don't drop it into your pocket or purse.) This is "Disorderly Conduct" rather than part of the weapons ordinances, which is why it's hard to find.

In practice I'm sure Chicago cops would have to find you doing something awfully stupid before the pepper spray in your pocket became an issue (they're known for a widespread inability to notice firearms in cases of self-defense and foiled crimes) but the law is on the books. The penalty is "only" a $500 fine, so I guess that's something.
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Thanks for the update, Don.

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