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Cleaning Rod Question

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Babarsac, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Babarsac

    Babarsac Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    Well I've finally managed to bend my brass cleaning rods from the cleaning kit. Before ordering some new ones I was wondering if anyone has found a cleaning rod made of a different material (such as carbon fiber) that will stand up to me being a klutz ;)
  2. mlandman

    mlandman Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    S. Fla
    About $45 (click the picture...)
  3. dfariswheel

    dfariswheel Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Most people these days don't use brass or aluminum rods.
    Both are soft metals that allow grit to embed.
    That grit can wear or damage the muzzle and bore.

    Today, we use stainless steel, coated, or carbon fiber rods.
    These don't allow grit to embed.
  4. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    I hope all is well with you sir. You also know how I respect you.

    OK, I am a heathen. :D

    You and both know about "lapping" and we did so with Al, Brass and coated materials impregnated with, various things.
    I mean shrink wrap impregnated with Semi-Chrome works great on some stuff. ;)

    Proper Technique. Using Bore Guides, and Muzzle Guards. Maintaining a cleaning rod, which includes inspection upon buying and fixing any "wrongs" from get go, wiping off between passes, cleaning any and all from rod, and the like.

    Now I personally do not like carbon fiber, nor coated rods.
    Then again I wanted the carbon to flex with the compound I applied, and I wanted the coating to hold what I impregnated it for some uses - not gun cleaning uses.

    My preference is one piece uncoated steel. I prefer Pro-Shot or RIG one piece steel rods.

    That said, all my nice rods are gone and since I do not clean bores ;) only chambers, I have a Kleenbore GI 3 sectioned rod which is put up for sentimental reasons.

    See, with the handle being able to lock, and inserting a nail into it, I can twist and turn to clean a shotgun chamber, charge holes in a revolver cylinder, or chamber of anything, with correct brush.

    I use wire acid brushes on twist wire, with a loop on the end. I smush the end loop and after I clean a chamber/charge holes, I can pull a patch through.

    Bend this twisted wire to fit a chamber with slide locked back, or that of a revolver - akin to a "chamber cleaning tool" for a shotgun.

    Heathen remember? :D

    So the absolutely gorgeous Colt Detective Special had been shooting 148 gr lead Semi Wadcutters.
    Lady, owner of gun, well she forgot her nice RIG handgun kit.
    We had <gasp> a Kleenbore uncoated 3 pc sectioned GI rod , like I have.
    Kleenbore Lead-a-way cloth, drinking straw and Swiss Army Classic with scissors.

    Mr. D, take any medications if need before I continue my friend. ;)

    You didn't Steve

    Yes Sir I did. :D

    Clean straw inserted into muzzle end, then clean rod into barrel.
    Patches were cut and a slit made, these were put onto the "eye patch" holder inside the frame, much like how the Otis pull through works.
    Chamber cleaned (twist and turn) and easing out the rod and straw.
    Kept cleaning the rod, using fresh straws.
    I was pulling through.

    Patches followed same way using lighter fluid, then Hoppe's Lubrication oil
    Just using what we had, careful, slow, and "technique".

    Mr D, are we still friends?

    I have had to do the same thing with Al and Brass as well...proper technique, go slow, wipe off and use a straw, thimble with a hole drilled in it for a muzzle guard, whatever.

    I do NOT do Boresnakes, never saw the sense in pulling dirty back through, plus they get hung up.
    Otis is fine for field, or range.
    Patchworm if used carefully is fine to apply a light film of oil.

    I do uncoated steel rods...or I would If I were to clean guns you understand. ;)

    I'll wait for Mr. D's PM to fuss at me now....;)
  5. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    It ain't cheating if'n it works - called ingenuity.

    Listen, someone has to drink Gun Person's coffee, sodas, and eat his/her junk food.
    Also someone needs to shoot guns worked on, being built.

    This is where I come in, just like my Mentors passed to me what they did.

    I hand dirty stuff to Gun Persons, they clean, I drink, eat, shoot, and mess with dawgs.

    Just like Mentors had me clean their guns, well folks I assist with clean stuff.
    Whew! Sure am glad I turned into my Mentors finally.

    "Yeah, you need to buy that Pro-Shot and /or RIG Rod" - me
    "But I don't have a ____ caliber/gauge" - student/kid/person I assist with
    "Trust me, you are going to clean that caliber /gauge, don't matter you don't have them yourself." - me

    See? I was raised right. :D
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