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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by edapp, Mar 5, 2018.

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  1. GunnyUSMC

    GunnyUSMC Member

    Jan 3, 2012
    Denham Springs LA
    I like buying guns, it makes me feel good. I have sold very few of my guns over the years and they are starting to pile up. It has gotten to the point that I’m running out of room. But I’m not ready to start selling yet, but I have been buying more handguns because, they take up less space.:)
    I retire in less then three years and the plan is to reduce the amount of guns I have then. The first thing will be to give the kids the guns they want. My oldest son has a pretty good list started with about 20 guns on it. The youngest, Isaac, is 14 and has about 5 or 6 on his list. My daughter and grandson will end up with 20 or so, but that will still leave me with a few hundred.
    Just thinking about selling guns makes me want to go out and buy another.
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  2. Jeff H

    Jeff H Member

    Sep 14, 2009
    Only guns that are completely safe are my M1 Garand and by Dad's 38 Spl. Other than that, if I have no use for it, why not sell it. I'm currently eying 4 I'm thinking about getting rid of.
  3. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Member

    Apr 29, 2008
    Central Ohio
    I've done this recently.... and haven't regretted it.... same exact reasoning as the OP.

    I made a list. Sorted them out, physically stored them elsewhere. After several months of seeing what it was like "without" them. I realized I didn't miss them. I did sell them in a group to a FFL, for less than I could have gotten but for a decent return (I haggled). So I was happy and got it done in a day, vs numerous private party sales. For maximum value, go private party.... but that's a lot of time too. I looked at what it "Cost" me to have the FFL take them and it was worth it to me.

    I did not sell any of the "Family", Grandfather...etc. guns. I'm in the pass them on, they kind of aren't mine to sell camp on those.
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  4. edapp

    edapp Member

    Jul 24, 2017

    Thats a good idea. Physically move them out of the same to some other location for a while.... Ill try that. Yes I do not see myself selling privately. Have done it before, and unless it was someone I knew personally I don't think I would do it again. I hope to take them as a lot to an FFL that deals in a lot of used guns, and trade for something that will get used.

    I have young kids, and several guns I know already that will go to them. I am not doing this for financial reasons, so I hope there will not be any regret after the fact. Like someone said above... all of what I am planning to sell/trade I could easily buy again if I wanted to down the road.

    I appreciate everyone's input on this. I have gone back and forth over the years into and out of the "never sell" camp. But I do not think that is for me. Too much "stuff" lately, would be nice to thin the herd.
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