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CMP/DCM Match Schedules for South Western Pennsylvania

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by edstephan, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. edstephan

    edstephan Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Armstrong County, Pa
    If you know anyone that would like to be on the mailing list
    Have them e-mail me at ed@estephan.net or ed@tempestcomputers.com and they will be added.
    If you would like to be removed, e-mail me and I'll remove you.

    Also if anyone would like to become a NRA Instructor please go to
    http://www.pmsconline.com and fill in the form so John Bertoty can schedule the next instructors class.
    Hope everyone can be at the Pitcairn - Monroeville Sportsmen's Club CMP

    IPSC Practice at Pitcairn - Monroeville Sportsmen's Club
    505 Mosside Boulevard [Rt. 48]
    North Versailles, PA 15137
    Thursday's nights all year round 1900hrs - 2100hrs (7:00pm-9:00pm)
    Indoor pistol range is open to the public from 1700hrs-2100hrs (5:00pm-9:00pm)Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, (Sunday 1200hrs-2100hrs)
    Members: $3.00 per 1/2 hr
    Non-Members: $5.00 per 1/2 hr

    Civilian Marksmanship Match Sunday 2, March 2003 1000hrs (10:00am)
    We will be allowing foreign military weapons and commercial equivalents for CMP i.e.: SKS, AK47, FN-FAL, HK91, G3, etc.
    Pitcairn - Monroeville Sportsmen's Club http://www.pmsconline.com
    505 Mosside Boulevard [Rt. 48]
    North Versailles, PA 15137
    Phone: (412) 824-3790 / FAX (412) 824-9131
    First Sunday of every month all year.
    Course of fire
    100 or 200 yds
    Total 50 rounds + 2 sighters
    10 rounds standing slow fire
    10 rounds sitting rapid fire
    10 rounds prone rapid fire
    20 rounds prone slow fire
    If enough people show up we will shoot 2 or more lines
    Civilian Marksmanship schedule change will start at 1000hrs on the first
    Sunday of every month. Fees are $12 for member ($3.00 with own ammo and rifle) and $15 for guests ($5.00 with own ammo and rifle). Junior members may shoot our M1 carbines at no cost. Juniors must be accompanied by parent/guardian and should have
    completed the Hunter Trapper Education classes.
    Everyone is welcome to join us for a fun time on the range
    Schedule and scores are posted at http://www.estephan.net/eds/shooting/clubs/pmsc/pmsc.htm

    Civilian Marksmanship Match Sunday 9, March 2003 0900hrs (9:00am)
    White Oak Rod & Gun Club
    600 Skellytown Road
    North Huntingdon, PA 15642
    (724) 863-9941
    Second Sunday of each month all year.
    Start at 0900hrs (9:00am)
    Sign up till 1100hrs (11:00am).
    Any military rifle. Cost your own gun & ammo $3.00, your gun & club ammo (60)rnds. $15.00, club gun & ammo $20.00
    60 rounds +2-4 sighters 100yd or 200yd
    2x 10 rounds standing (slow fire)
    2x 10 rounds sitting or kneeling (rapid fire)
    2x 10 rounds prone (rapid fire)
    White Oak Scores are up on the web
    at http://www.estephan.net/eds/shooting/clubs/whiteoak/whiteoak.htm

    Civilian Marksmanship Pratice Match Sunday 22, March 2003 0900hrs (9:00am)
    Civilian Marksmanship Match Sunday 30, March 2003 0900hrs (9:00am)
    Clairton Sportsman Club
    412 Coal Valley Rd.
    Clairton Pa 15025
    RIFLE DIRECTORS: JIM MARTIN (412) 835-0929
    TERRY STEINER (412) 461-0884
    200yd High Power CMP Match Starts at 0900hrs
    50 Round Match: 10 shots S.F. Standing
    10 Shots S.F. Prone
    10 shots R.F. Sitting
    2x 10 Shots R.F. Prone

    (Max. 3 shots for sighters)
  2. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2002
    Southeastern US
    I won't use my "Mod power" to change your post, but could you please remove DCM from the title? It doesn't exist anymore. Thanks, man.
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