Cold Steel Brave Heart and SOG Pentagon

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Dave Markowitz, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    SE PA
    Yesterday I shot in the Contagion 2012 zombie-themed 3-gun match at the New Holland (PA) Rifle & Pistol Club. I placed in the top third and came home with these two knives as a door prize. :D

    IIRC, they were donated by event sponsor Sayoc Tactical Group.


    Each knife came with a custom Kydex sheath, in addition to the factory sheath. (EDIT: I just confirmed that they are from


    If it's not clear from the pics, the Brave Heart is a single edged knife with some jimping on the back edge. The Pentagon is double-edged -- one plain and one serrated. The choil on both sides is ridged.

    Here's Cold Steel's page with full specs for the Brave Heart and here's SOG's for the Pentagon. The CS is made from AUS-8A while SOG lists their steel as AUS-8. I don't know the difference between the two.

    Each knife has a molded-on Kraton rubber handle. They are soft and grippy. The SOG's is larger and more comfortable but the smaller handle on the Cold Steel knife is more easily concealable.

    The factory Cold Steel sheath is made from hard nylon with a belt or boot clip, and included a beaded chain so you can wear it as a neck knife. The SOG sheath is MOLLE-compatible and has a pocket which will fit a multitool or small survival kit. The Kydex custom concealment sheaths are very nicely made but unmarked.

    Both knives came sharp out of the box, especially the Brave Heart. Both are sharp enough to cut paper. I tested them out against a pizza box. The Pentagon has an edge (pardon the pun) when it comes to slashing, due to its greater mass, while the Brave Heart did better for slicing due to the sharper edge and thinner blade.

    For most folks the Brave Heart may be the more practical of the two. It's easier to conceal where legal, but still big enough to be useful. Having read several threads on THR mentioning the need by US servicemen and -women for a small fixed-blade defensive knife while inside the wire while overseas, I can't but help think it would serve well in that role.

    With its double edge, I'm pretty sure that the Pentagon would meet PA's definition of a prohibited offensive weapon, so it's going to spend virtually all its time stored away safely. The Brave Heart may see some time strapped to my daypack when I go on hikes, as long as I'm not in Philly, which has a very restrictive knife ordinance.
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  2. JimStC

    JimStC Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Central Indiana
    Nice haul for going out and having fun. Both look to be sturdy tools. Congrats on the top 1/3 rd finish. Shot 3 Gun for years. A truly great experience.

  3. Jason_G

    Jason_G Member

    Jun 13, 2007

    I'm guessing the Brave Heart is CS's take on a sgian dubh. I don't have much experience with either brand, but they look nice.

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