Colt 1911 Magazines Series 70 Government

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Jul 6, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio USA
Have a question that maybe a Colt Guru could help with. While not an avid collector of Colt Series 70 Government models I have several. The question came up elsewhere as to which magazine would be correct? Below are a few examples:



I want to recall the Gold Cup guns had the rempant colt on the magazines but am not sure. The pictured magazines just came out of a box of magazines I have. Since none of my guns are safe queens I just use any magazine that works well, including old GI magazines. So the question is, would there be a correct Colt manufactured magazine for the Series 70 guns?

Ron, the original 7-round magazine that came with my new Colt Government Model Series '70 bought in 1976 looks like the one on the far left of your second picture. I expect Gold Cups and GMs came with the same magazine. The finish of the pistol and magazine is blue.

Colt 45 Auto was stamped on the floor plate, no Colt rampant pony. On the other end the magazine follower has a dimple and the feed lips are the hybrid type, not the old GI type.
Thanks guys and I noticed the ones with and without the pony have the dimple on the follower. This is just one of those things, over all the years, I never gave much thought to.

Quentin, thank you. That thread is the Holy Grail I have been looking for. I would have guessed the rampant colt came before the plain stamping of Colt .45 Auto and had that backwards. Also that Colt did farm out magazine manufacture and the letters tell the story. Really useful stuff.

Thanks Again to All
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