Crosman 788 Scout


Oct 14, 2005
The MIL knew I wanted a BB gun and her husband had one that had been put away, she gifted it to me last month. This is my first BB gun BTW. Roughly early 70's and they had the box for it. The prior day I went to Walmart for some BB's to see how it would shoot. Did this at 25' to see how it shot and it hits right. Have to hold left of target. Passed through 3 layers of carboard and still whacked the 1/2" plywood pretty hard to dent it at 3 pumps. Last shot figured where to hold to get center. Wife was commenting to stop because the whacking plywood may annoy the neighbors. Trigger breaks at 5.6x#'s.

Going to get some rubber mulch and fill the box, that should be better for stopping the BB from fully penetrating the cardboard and hitting the plywood. A fun little gun. :) crosman 788 bb gun-192719808-20230915.jpg
Looks like a fun little gun indeed. That photo shows a Fairport NY address which would agree with the early 1970's age guess, unless it's late 1960's. In the early 1970's Crosman moved from Fairport to their current location about 15 miles away in Bloomfield NY.. I had a Crosman 500 Powermatic BB gun which was a circa 1970-79 or so Crosman product that was CO2 powered.
Each evening some time is set aside to send about 16 BB's downrange. Getting to the shooting range doesn't come as often as I'd like so this is has been nice to practive trigger control.
IMHO air guns should carry one of those "Warning - May Be Habit Forming" disclaimers on them. My first one after that Crosman 500 that I acquired for free from someone that didn't want it; was a Benjamin Trail, by Crosman. A .22 cal. break barrel with a 3-9X scope, which led to a .177 cal. 1377 pistol which soon gained a shoulder stock and a Tasco air gun scope. Even got successfully into squirrel hunting with the Benjamin Trail, which is legal here. Not ready to step up to a more expensive PCP gun, as the two Crosmans I already have keep me busy enough when I'm not playing with stuff that uses powder & primers. P.S. If you ever need parts or a rebuild on an older Crosman air gun contact Dennis Baker at: .
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I find this quite fun to shoot because this doesn't involve the whole range routine. This can become very addictive to buying more of this type. LOL Thanks for that link!