Crossman V-350 variants/video

Discussion in 'Air Guns' started by Septicdeath, Nov 22, 2020.

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    Jan 12, 2020
    The V350 is a powerful BB gun from the 1960s. mine average 370 fps after rebuild

    It later got updated into the V3500 but also into one of Crosman’s most classic BB guns,
    The M1 Carbine.

    This family of BB guns has a completey different powerplant from the classic Daisy Red Ryder gun. Though it has a spring-powered piston, it uses a poppet-type valve that stores compressed air until it blows open violently.
    The velocity is indicated by the model number 350

    Model V350 Spring Air, BB, barrel slide action repeater 1961-1969,

    The Sears Model is a Crosman V-350 made by Crosman for Sears, a spring-piston 22 shot BB repeater with a slide cocking barrel, and one piece wood stock.They were manufactured between 1961 & 1969.

    , Model M-1 Carbine Spring air, BB barrel slide action repeater. First variant. 1966-1967 model M-1 Carbine. Spring air, BB barrel slide action repeater. The detail in this variant is great.

    Second variant, plastic stock Rifle 1968-1976,

    Model 3500 Slidemaster Spring air, BB barrel slide action repeater. 1970-1973 it was basically the same rifle as the Sears Robuck variant V-350.

    After 1973 this series of rifle was no longer produced. Probably because of its cocking of around 40 lbs made it a safety concern. Normally kids would have to use a palm over the muzzle or press it onto something to cock.
    A quick glimpse into the past.,
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    Apr 22, 2018
    Wichita, Kansas
    The V-350 has come up recently several times. I just rebuilt mine, it was a Christmas present in the day. I would not describe it then or now as especially powerful. The middle one is a Crosman V-350:

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