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Custom Holsters and Accessories

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Terry Cawyer, Jan 10, 2003.

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  1. Terry Cawyer

    Terry Cawyer Member

    Jan 4, 2003
    Oklahoma City
    I design and produce a full line of holsters and accessories, Catering to Kel Tec owners especially. You may view some examples of my work on the following links. Please email me with any questions or requests. I would like to win your business.

    P-32 holsters


    P-11 Pancake holsters, front, back, lefty,


    Shoulder holsters


    On the last occasion that I have had to draw my side arm, had it not been on my hip or perhaps in a shoulder rig it would not have been of any use to me. He had grabbed my left arm and actually pulled me toward his body demanding my money and car keys as I dropped my keys and drew my side arm. As it was, I didn't have to fire. The P-40 in his gut was enough to pacify him. My attacker froze as ordered and ran on command. LEOs said I should have shot him as he might have had a knife or a gun of his own. I don't know, probably next time I will. I just didn't want to kill him.

    I find that wearing on the hip is the easiest, most accessible, and most comfortable method of carry. My holsters are pancake style that can be worn canted or even cross draw. They extend less than two inches below the belt and snug up tight to your side with most of the pattern of the gun on the backside of the holster. My design shields the whole back strap and grip of the gun from your body, and rusting perspiration, with leather, smooth side toward your skin. You can carry 24 hours a day and forget you are carrying at all, while having it ready to draw at any time.

    I have tried the in the waistband and small of the back, and have found them to be uncomfortable and not easily reached. Try getting your gun from your back while strapped in your car! In the waistband is not much better. Any of these carry and concealment methods require a jacket or shirt to cover anyway, so why not have comfort and ease of access?

    I offer hand made, hand stitched, hand boned, and hand finished holsters in un tooled, and natural color for $65.00. This holster is made for the exact gun you will carry in it. It is hand boned for perfect fit and is ready out of the box for it's P-11, or P-40. For slightly more I offer black or brown, a simple pebble or other pattern. If desired I offer the finest second-generation hand tooling of any pattern you want. The degree of complexity determines the price. Dad was a Police Lt. and had a leather shop for many years until his untimely death in the line of duty. He made some of the best leather goods I have ever seen and he taught me.

    Most folks don't think about it, but you really need a good stiff leather gun belt at least 1 and 1/2 inches wide for comfortable carry. You can find your own, or I can make you one to match your holster. Most dress belts are made of soft and pliable leather and do not give the support necessary for comfortable carry with out sagging or adding more profile. Most are made of two layers of thin leather with a filler inside. I can make you a plain belt with buckle and belt loop, specify brass or chrome, for $25.00. Extra long would be a little more. Specify your waist size, not belt size, waist size!

    Most folks who aren't Law Enforcement Officers, have never had the luxury of a custom made holster and belt just for their gun. I think my best advertising is a happy Kel Tek owner telling others about my work on the KTOG web sight. So, for now, I will hold my prices down and try to get some of my work out for others to see and use. There would be the extra cost for shipping.
    I custom make any other holster needed as well as mag pouches and shoulder holsters. I have several holster designs for the P-32, my favorite being a wallet size pocket holster I call my "give me your wallet holster." As mentioned, Dad was a Police Lt, so I learned to always carry a backup. My hip pocket holster looks just like a wallet from the back and can be worn in any pocket. It is priced at only $35.00

    My shoulder holsters start at $100.00.

    Thank you for your interest in my work. I guarantee you will be happy with what you get. The P-11/P-40 and P-32 are the perfect guns for concealed carry and there is not another holster out there like the ones I make. I hand bone each holster to fit my own gun. What you get is a custom made holster that is a perfect fit for your favorite gun, a luxury most men, or women, never own.

    Warm Regards,
    Terry Cawyer


    You may have to copy and paste the links above to view my work.
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