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Customized Mannlicher m/96 Swedish 6.5x55KAL Mauser??

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Larenegade, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. Larenegade

    Larenegade Member

    Nov 18, 2007
    Back home in da Bayou's of Louisiana.
    Hello fellow Primer Poppers out there & Happy New Year 2 all.
    I have a question about a rifle I believe is a customized Swedish 6.5x55KAL Mauser. It has stamped on the front receiver ring above the chamber the following:
    Above this name on the front ring there is also a crown and a crescent shaped moon like symbol partially circled on the left side of an elaborately written letter shaped like a "T" or something, which is again to the right of the crescent shape or almost inside the crescent man-on-the-moon shaped curve. Just guessing as to what I have read, has me thinking this Crown over symbol is the CG others have mentioned standing for Carl Gustafs. Is this correct?
    The serial # has HK to the left of the following #’s 100_98. The receiver was previously drilled for a scope mount as there are three(3) holes on the left side with the center hole exactly where the 4th digit I believe should be, or between the 100 and the 98 making a six(6) digit serial #. I can see a small spec of what may have been the bottom of a stamped # (just the bottom right of a numbers corner, it appears like). As the rifles magazine floorplate has a 298 stamped under a Crown Symbol, and the spec appears like the bottom of a 2 sort of, would the deleted # correspond with the # on the mag plate? How many digits would a rifle like this have in a serial #?

    I have read about a description of another rifle on THR by ‘Float Pilot’ and this description seems to match very closely except the year is 1918 versus his 1919. Further info relates that it was made by the Carl Gustaf State Rifle Factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Further reading indicates the HK stands for inspected by H.K. who was Helge Gustaf Ludvig Kolhoff, born 08/07/1878 he inspected rifles for acceptance from April 1, 1912 until Feb 28, 1923 and he was a Lt. in the 6th Artillery. Does this make sense and mean it was made in 1918 also?
    I measured the barrel and being unsure of where to measure from I measured from the front edge of the front ring to the muzzle. I get approximately 17 3/8th inches long. As I have read this type m/96 rifles originally had barrel lengths of 29 inches and that many m/96 were cut down into m/38 rifles with 23.5 inch barrels just before WWII, I don’t know what this short barrel would do for the ballistics of the 6.5x55 cartridge. Is this barrel too short for good ballistics? It is again in a Mannlicher stock. The stock was cracked then repaired/pinned at the pistol grip. Actually the stock fit is not good around the rear trigger plate receiver screw and with the pin repair I am thinking of restocking the rifle. As it is really of a very handy, lightweight Mannlicher carbine length I like it as is but don’t know if the barrel length is adequate as I have asked. Is this I’ve listed anywhere close to describing a m/96 or is it the m/38?

    The barrel diameter is stepped down twice from the front ring with the closest 1 ¾” of the barrel largest diameter next to the front ring then steps down in diameter after about 6 ¾”, then steps down again in diameter the rest of the length to the muzzle. The front sight appears to be like a Williams Ramp with a dovetail bead insert. The rear sight is a Redfield peep mounted on the right side of the rear ring. The barrel is stamped left side front of ring signifying the caliber as: {6.5 x 55 KAL.} The {6.5 x} are stamped clean but the {55} has been multiple stamped on top of each other at least twice. The {K of KAL.} has been stamped over itself also and actually. the {A} isn’t an {A} or the horizontal part of the {A} is missing, and the {L}. appears taller or a different stamp size than the {6.5 x}. Is this something common with reworked rifles? Is this is a {6.5x55 KAL.} or does any of this make sense to anyone? Also the barrel is threaded!

    As for matching numbers the bolt is a different # than the receiver, though it has the same Crown Symbol on the right side of the Bolt Shroud with the 3 digits on the opposite side upside down and the #'s on the Bolt Knob match the #’s on the Bolt Shroud. ?? The bolt is all the same parts but it doesn’t match the #’s of the receiver, or #298 as opposed to #357. Is that how it works meaning a parts rifle?

    The magazine steel follower has a Crown symbol on the top that matches the Crown Symbols on the mag cover plate(which also has the #298 under the Crown) and just below the front receiver screw for triggerguard/mag floorplate assembly.
    Also the bolt release lever has a different # than the other parts already mentioned.

    So I have three different #’s on the bolt, receiver parts & the bolt release lever, with a shortened barrel and peep sight system and a Mannlicher stock. The stock had the original sloping hole strap cutout & oiler area filled in with a piece of wood and has had swivel studs installed in the butt and Mannlicher forearm.
    Does this description tell anyone enough to know exactly what I have? I know the receiver appears to be in very good shape and the bolt the same, except for the cracked stock which does appear to be solid even with the brass pin repair. I know who had the gun but he has passed on and I didn’t confer with him about the gun specifically. I like the weight and length of the rifle as is but am I loosing ballistics with this short length barrel caliber combination? As it is a pieced together parts rifle I’m considering chunking the stock for a new synthetic Mannlicher stock. I saw other Mannlicher that the same guy had and they both had double set triggers. I would like a set trigger for this rifle also if one is available.

    Should I replace the barrel for longer length and if so what length is best for a lightweight, short & handy mountain rifle or is this even the best caliber for that type rifle?
    Is this a m/96, m/38, 16" m/94 or ? Threaded barrel mean anything & it is short?
    Any opinions on this are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks all,
  2. Float Pilot

    Float Pilot Member

    Jul 27, 2007
    Kachemak Bay Alaska
    M-94 carbine barrels would have been short (17 inches) but they would not have been threaded.
    m/96b and m/38b rifles had a threaded end on their barrels for a blank firing adapter.

    Some (many) later imported m-94 carbines had a weird barrel extension welded or otherwise attached to the end of the original barrel so it was longer enough for some BS importation rule...

    Here is my bride using hers for a match last spring. It has the 1 inch extension spun welded onto the barrel end. (she came in 5th against longer barreled Springfield's and Mausers.)

    You need to post photos....

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    Last edited: Jan 5, 2012
  3. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    North Carolina
    IDing a rifle by word description is iffy at best. Pictures make a difference.

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