Cutting off the bottom of a leather holster

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  1. gtrgy888

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    Feb 3, 2021
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    I’m considering cutting off the closed end of a long holster for a single action revolver, so I can carry either a 5 inch barrel or 8 inch barrel with the extra barrel jutting out the bottom. The holster is stitched tight at the bottom. Could the cut cause the rest of the stitching to untie, ruining the holster? Is this sort of thing an easy procedure for a hobbyist or should this be handled by someone familiar with leather work to ensure a quality modification?
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  2. redneck

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    Dec 26, 2002
    If it is machine stitched it is almost guaranteed to unravel the rest of the stitches. If it was hand stitched using a double needle saddle stitch you would have a chance of it holding but I still wouldn't like leaving it that way.
    You could add a couple rivets and then cut it off below them, or you could get an awl and some needles and restitch it as necessary though.
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    Not a professional leather worker, but I've done some awl work. I also know how to sew conventional clothing ('cause that's the way our family was raised).

    Doubling up a saddle stitch at the last stitch at the cut should do it.

    There are some leather guru's here. @CraigC is one such.
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  4. CraigC
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    Odds are it was machine stitched, so if you cut it, the whole mainseam can unravel. You would have to pull the stitches back to where you want to cut it and then anchor the thread by backstitching with a two needle saddle stitch. Which is going to be difficult given how short the thread tails will be.
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    Aug 6, 2015
    The end result will be an inferior looking outfit that one could buy an equal quality example for just a few bucks so why not just buy a holster for the shorter barrel rather than carry with a barrel hanging out. There is a reason holsters are sewn closed on the ends, it's to protect the crown of the muzzle. Plus depending on the guns sights, some are just mere problemattic while others are like threading a needle, it is never an ideal thing trying to draw a pistol from a holster when the barrel and front sight protrudes out the end of the holster.
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    Do what you want.

    As for the stitching?

    A ($1.00) bottle of clear "miracle nail" nail polish, a dab applied at the cut end of the stitching, as well as to the last few stitches before, will be undetectable, and keep them from unraveling.

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  7. chicharrones

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    Jan 19, 2010
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    I've done the same for pocket holsters I've modded, but I used super glue that penetrated the stitching. Not a single one has had the stitching unravel.
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