CZ 75 questions


Jun 17, 2009
Central Texas


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I've been carrying a CZ 75 Compact, PCR for several years. The pistol is dead cold reliable, more accurate than I am and very comfortable to shoot. Empty weight is 27 ounces. Don't know about customer service as I have never had a problem with my PCR.
IMnvHO the PCR is an ideal carry pistol. easily concealable, very safe, not made of plastic or pot metal.
In my 23 years of CCW experience (ever since I fled New Jersistan) it is clearly the best of other CCW pistols I have used. (three 1911 compacts, .45, .45, & 9mm, Sig .229, S&W 640, S&W M 15, Glock 9mm compact, Mk III Hi Power & more) Red dot sight is a concession to my 70+ years of "experience".

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The first CZ pistol I got was the 75 Compact, just like you’re looking at. Love it. The problem is your first CZ often leads to more. I’m embarrassed to say how many I now have. For EDC I’d probably recommend one of the alloy framed models. The PCR shown above will be my next CZ.

From a reliability standpoint I’ve put more than 10K bullets down the barrels with no issues. Customer service is first class, or that’s what most users say. CZ Custom and Cajun Gun Works can take the fine firearms to the next level if desired.
I don't have a compact version, just a regular full size 75B w/ manual safety and another full size 75B Omega with the decocker. Neither have ever given me a problem. I know it is cliche to say "never had a jam" but honestly, I cannot remember one jam with either of them. The first one I purchased has been put through a little abuse, was a lot younger when I got it and did things like locking the slide back and dropping it on a empty chamber, rapid fire mag dumps and running the cheapest, shadiest suspect 9mm ammo I could find. I have at least 5k rounds through it by now, if not more. The original 2 magazines it came with still function fine and it is still extremely accurate. The second one I purchased is just as accurate and appears to be built just as solid, although I don't do the mag dumps or the such through it like I did the other one. I cannot speak on how good(or bad) their customer service is because I have never needed to use it although from what I have read on forums, it seems to be pretty good.
That's a good deal. You'd be hard pressed to find one cheaper.

CZ currently has 4 compact sized pistols.
PCR....alloy frame....decocker
P01....alloy frame with pic rail...decocker
P01....steel frame with pic
The P01 steel is made in very small batches and typically sell out fast.

They all share the same basic frame or grip, so a compact is gonna feel the same as the P01.

I have about a dozen CZ compact pistols, some are rare unique configurations that they never offered on the commercial market.

My current carry piece is a tricked out PCR, it's about to be replaced with a P01 thats even more modified.

One thing I absolutely despise is the rear sight, can't stand them. Every CZ I own and it's alot wears CZ customs sights. My preference is the HTAC rear and a green fiber front.
Can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Well, maybe I can. Parts and aftermarket is very strong. They continue to be popular.

Since we are showing shiny things though, here's pics I've posted before.

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Nope not discontinued, just made in small batches and they sell FAST. They typically import them once a year.

Those SS P01, good luck if I remember right around 100 were imported.
They did not long ago bring in some SS P01, turned out they were nickel plated, that burned alot of people.
I believe the P-01 Steel is discontinued. CZ doesn't keep their offerings for long, unless it's the classic 75. Weird business model, but it seems to work for them.
At some point they made a polished SS P-01...never seen one in person.

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I have some kind of fetish for polished SS pistols…..but at this point have none in my inventory :(
My first CZ was a Compact. Its heavier than the other compact framed pistols due to the steel frame, but it worked perfectly, very accurate and the weight soaked up recoil like a sponge. The ONLY downside for me is the lack of a decocker, but you can get pretty good at lowering to half cock or just carry cocked and locked, like a 1911 - that IS an option with a CZ-75. ;)
Guessin' the OP hasn't noticed that this forum has huge numbers of CZ fans. The CZ-75, arguably one of the two or three coolest 9mm pistols designs ever, is an iconic pistol and no collection is complete without at least one.

And the CZ-75 Compact is one of my all-time favorites (some like the PCR with its lighter aluminum frame, but I like the weight of an all-steel pistol). It's a great size for concealed carry, just requires a quality holster and a good belt.Yeah, the trigger reach is on the long side, but it's capable of cocked'n'locked carry and just feels so good in the hand.
Lok grips.jpg
Both of my PCR's have de-cockers. At the time I purchased them you could get either a de-cocker or manual safety as an option.
Yes, as sold by CZ-USA right now, the CZ 75 PCR has a decocker, as does the P-01, both alloy frames and were carry sidearms of mine for years. The CZ75B and CZ75 Compact, (steel frame), do not have decockers, standard thumb safety.

My PCR, back in the day.

The other one.

Both gone...:(
As others have said, you can't go wrong with a CZ. Iv got about a half dozen CZ's and clones. All shoot great. I shoot a SAR K12 sport in local IDPA matches. Don't think iv ever had any kind of jam in it. I also carry a PCR on a regular basis. There like chips, you can't have just one. LOK grips on the PCR, love em. image.jpg image.jpg
I’ve been primarily a Ruger, S&W, Colt, & Remington handgun guy, but these CZ 75 compacts have caught my eye.
Can anyone fill me in on that brand as to quality, reliability, customer service, etc.?
Is this a decent deal?
I know next to nothing about CZ hardware.

i have 2 CZ's..

75B, and a 75B Omega (no longer being made).

both are full size however.

you can never go wrong buying any CZ.

i never had to have any factory service, and if i want parts i generally go to Cajun gun works.
I have a CZ75 compact, all steel, no rail. I'm not a grip snob, but mine feels like it was fit just for me. It's pretty accurate too, maybe the added weight helps.