Czech Republic and its requirments to get a gun licence

In terms of curtailing gun violence in America, the more "hoops" the better. Want proof? Compare the rate of crimes committed with a firearm before and after the imposition of the federal gun control act in 1968, which brought more hoops to the table than most of us ever contemplated in our wildest dreams at the time. "Nuff said" as they say...

Because the world is the same before 1968 as it is after.....yea right.
You understand that my post was dripping with sarcasm, right?

Sarcasm doesn't translate into print well. Considering I've heard my mother in law seriously claims if not for the 68 GCA Chicago would be in even worse shape than it is now and that the late "assault weapons" law caused a drop in crime makes it even more hard to tell your intention.
1. US private firearm policy and history is unique in the world and misunderstood in most other countries as well as domestic media and US citizens who should know better.
2. It is important for us to learn from the private firearms history of other nations as well as our own.
3. We have our hands full here and are not qualified to disparage or dictate the policy of other countries.

The OP was about Czech private firearms policy and procedures, not about US policy, which is discussed in many other parts of THR. Please keep that in mind and this thread will serve a purpose.
The key question from the article is this:

What if anybody who wanted a gun had to first prove their competence?
This may be OK for a culturally homogeneous population like that of the Czech Republic, but not in a diverse country like the U.S. I can see the tests being abused to exclude ethnic minorities, etc. They would certainly put a premium on scholastic attainment, and being able to successfully take tests.

And this is somewhat circular: the cultural diversity is one of the factors that cause the high U.S. homicide rate in the first place.
Plus in my mind that might just grantee that mass shooters are better at it.
Rust collector:

Somebody misunderstood my comments about Czech gun freedoms being better than anywhere else in Europe…

… and assumed that somehow I was ‘saying’ , or using some X-Files-style code…that such gun laws might be ok for the US.


Somebody always has to imagine that a hidden agenda is between lines of simple wording.
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Does Czechia also have the intense level of polarization for and against gun ownership that we do? Is there a CzBrady group running around?
Most of population doesnt care and main effort for "work-around" of EU restriction came from (in that time) government official together with our main (well, one of two) pro-gun laws organisation
The constitution "insert" was started by gun-owners petition (and "right wing" i guess) and then carry over by another politics