Dan Wesson vs. CZ Custom 9 mm

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Buck13, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Buck13

    Buck13 Member

    May 15, 2012
    Puget Sound Convergence Zone
    Recently I sold both of my 10 mm pistols, which were cool but not working out for me. The EAA/Tanfo Hunter was nice off a rest, but I could not control my flinch when standing on my hind legs!

    Looking to go down to a 9 mm. I don't really compete, just want something for casual Bullseye-type shooting with friends (we alternate between one- and two-handed stances, but both in boring old Bullseye match structure). I'm never going to be very good (you should see how much "essential tremor" I have...barf), but I'm somewhat serious about improving enough to stay ahead of my wife, if possible, who just took up shooting a few months ago and is improving rapidly! ;) I doubt I'll get into any run-and-gun games, although stranger things have happened...

    I abhor the common argument "the gun is more accurate than I can shoot," since even if I can only hold a 4" group at 25 yards, a gun that mechanically shoots 0.75" at that range is going to score me plenty more points than one that shoots 2". (A 0.75" shooter vs. a 1" shooter? Well, yeah, there maybe we're looking at diminishing returns.)

    My current contenders are the Dan Wesson PM9 and the CZ Custom Accu Shadow Lite. Both are a few bucks more than my ideal price point, but not a problem if they pay off in performance. How do they compare in the following regards?

    1. Mechanical accuracy, meaning what the gun does from a Ransom Rest.

    2. Practical accuracy, meaning how much difference a barely halfway decent shooter is going to find between them because of things like trigger quality, recoil management, sight radius and other ergonomic factors.

    3. Resale value, just in case I decide I made a mistake. The least important issue, but could be a tie-breaker.
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  2. tarosean

    tarosean Member

    Oct 22, 2010
    As nice as DW's are, they are still production guns built on an assembly line.
  3. Chuck R.

    Chuck R. Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    Leavenworth, KS
    I just bought a CZC Accu-Shadow Lite last month and have now shot it in a couple IDPA matches.

    Can't compare it to a DW, but can compare it to one of my Les Baers.

    The trigger is very, very, good. Still not 1911 good, but close. The reset is a little longer. The DA trigger is very good, smooth and light IAW the paperwork it's at 7.3 lbs and I believe it. It is a very accurate pistol, probably on par with my Baer, but I haven't bench rested it. Fit/finish is below my Baer, but it's a few hundred below that price point. Finish is "OK" already showing holster wear from dry firing and a couple range seasons and matches, but that's to be expected. I have changed out the front sight to a thinner one from Dawson Precision as I like more daylight for a gun used in action games. So far I haven't experience a malfunction, but I've only put about 600 rds through it since picking it up mid AUG.

    Resale, who knows. Not really something I loose sleep over.

    I looked hard at another Baer in 9mm, but I'm also going to use this pistol for 3Gun and didn't want to be limited by the 1911 capacity.
  4. greyling22

    greyling22 Member

    Aug 6, 2007
    East Texas
    I prefer the cz pattern guns to the 1911 by a long shot. If the accushadow is too spendy, maybe take a look at the tacsport or a witness elite limited. Heck, even the Sig 210 is nice.
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