Did something on ebay I'd not done before


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Jan 3, 2003
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I was curious what would come up just searching "knife", but then thought I should start with "highest first" instead of wading through chin deep garbage your see on ebay.


That did reduce the floating garbage, but it didn't eliminate it. It also didn't land me comfortably in the realm of reality either.

That reminds me of when Barrett got rid of their Desert Storm M82's.

Dealers were asking $100K for them, the rifles were beat to hell and had a chamber wider and deeper than the grand canyon.

At minimum, they needed a new barrel, then sent back to Barrett to be rebuilt. The barrels were made to handle shooting SLAP rounds.

I think they show up on GB every now and then for around $10-15K. Still wouldn't buy one.
Punch in Mad Dog Knives to see those here is one and not the most expensive listed :
I sold afew of mine on ebay , the prototype Saxon Sword got me $11,000 from an Aisin buyer . Others up to $3500 each. They are superb knives , I kept four (about $10k total worth) and gave sons a few

Here is a great place to find something special. A great place to deal with I have bought more than a few here and sold them some