Dillon STILL rocks

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by gnappi, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. gnappi

    gnappi Member

    Jul 22, 2005
    South Florida
    I'm a long time Dillon user with two 20+ year old 550's.

    I recently unpacked my old RL450 (unmodified) after not being used in nearly 12 years to again load .357 Sig and found that the shell deflector was missing. I called Dillon and tried to give them my master card, and they refused it saying the parts are too inexpensive to worry about charging for them.

    Funny they still had my old contact data after at least 15 years of not doing business with them.

    It's not the dollars, it's the support that makes them great, something companies like the Tanfo importer EAA could stand to learn.
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  2. Mark_Mark

    Mark_Mark Member

    Jan 9, 2021
    Calling companies out for behavior GOOD is alsome!

    Italian are know for bad customer service
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  3. EricBu

    EricBu Member

    Apr 2, 2021
    Yep, can't back that enough. I had an RL450 I got in the 80s, had been beat, stored poorly while I was in the military, and was generally rode hard and put away wet. I upgraded the frame about 15 years ago to a 550, added all the modern powder/primers parts, and loaded millions of rounds on it. I sent it to Dillon last year under their refurb program, like 80 bucks for a complete tear down, replace out of spec parts, and go through it completely. The sent me back a brand new 550 and waived the fee. Definitely will never think twice about where I get my next press.
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  4. MeanBean

    MeanBean Member

    Jun 30, 2019
    I bought a barely used 550 with some trimmings from a buddy and I found that the Eliminator scale was missing the tray hanger. I couldn't find the part on their website, so I gave them a call. The gentleman on the other end told me to ship the entire scale to them and they would get the hanger and recalibrate the scale. I asked for the address, he then told me not to worry about it, he asked for my address and sent me a shipping label! Total turnaround of about 12 days.. Dillon customer service rocks!
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  5. Klaatu Barada Nikto
    • Contributing Member

    Klaatu Barada Nikto Contributing Member

    Dec 10, 2020
    Greenville, SC
    Had a wonky large primer tube on a 750 that would hang up about 1 in 10 primers (really annoying). Called Dillon and explained the problem, they said that the vendor that made the tubes would sometimes ship them out of round tubes.
    Dude said he'd send me a new tube after he inspected it. I got the new tube with a note that said he'd checked it out.
    Sure enough I was back to 100% primer drops.
    Great company!
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  6. rfwobbly

    rfwobbly Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    Clarkesville, GA
    I bought some used, old-style 9mm dies on Ebay knowing they had missing and broken parts. I only paid like $15 !! When I called Dillion, I explained they were broken when purchased and that I fully expected to buy the repair parts. They wouldn't hear of it. New parts arrived days later.

    Another time I needed a second powder measure to setup for rifle. I had acquired a used one someone had modified to fit on a Lee press by dis-assembling the Bellcrank safety device. They sent a new Bellcrank assembly within days.
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  7. kerreckt

    kerreckt Member

    Apr 23, 2011
    SE Virginia
    I have had only good experiences dealing with Dillon. Many years ago (1980's) I lost parts for my 450. I explained to them that It was carelessness on my part. They sent me all that I had lost. No charge. No BS. I could go on about their service. That is one of the reasons, I have 3 Dillon presses. They are excellent tools.
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  8. mokin

    mokin Member

    Jan 13, 2007
    Western Colorado

    You had me at the title.
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  9. d'zaster

    d'zaster Member

    Aug 24, 2013
    I have had great support over the years from Dillon. Recently, i decided to upgrade my high mileage 550B to C and when I took the press apart, I noticed a crack in the cast piece that the handle bolts on to. Sent a picture to the Dillon support email and they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. Great company.
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  10. rabid wombat

    rabid wombat Member

    Mar 16, 2014
    Good product, good company, good people
  11. nofendertom

    nofendertom Member

    Sep 12, 2019
    I bought a 550 in the mid-eighties---last year I called Dillon to order a new primer drop tube---told them I broke it when I stepped on it (me-225lbs). The Dillon
    guy said "Oh it broke, I'll send you a new one". A few days later I received 2 drop tubes (large+small primers). Dillon gets my vote.
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