Do you actually use your “everything rifle”?

My two "forever" rifles are my "generalist" rifles.

.280AI Ridgeline, 26" barrel, 6.5-20x50 Meopta scope. Comes in at just under 9lbs

.376 Ruger A-bolt 2, 23" barrel, euro bolt stock, 3.5-10x40vx3i.

Those two rifles get used more than any others, and theres very few situations i would actively CHOOSE to use something else....
Really the only time the others get used are in specific circumstances or when whim takes me.
Depends on where I'm hunting and how I feel that day.

My choice is .30-06, .260 Rem, .223 or
The .30-06 goes out at least once a season. As do the other 3. But, 1 is always in the truck, as a back up.
View attachment 1119695 My passion is to hunt big whitetail and big mule deer. In my hands you will likely find me carrying either a 280 Remington or a 338-06. However, I always have a 30-06 handy for hunting in rain, snow, high wind, extreme cold and other adverse conditions when I don't want to subject my favorite rifles to the extreme elements. When the tough conditions come I pick up a 30-06 and it gets the job done. Don't get me wrong, my 30-06 rifles are just as nice as the other rifles, it's that I don't protect them quite as much. A 30-06 with a 165 grain Partition is one fine deer rifle.

My AR gets rain and snow duty since it’s my only truly weatherproof rifle. I’m building a stainless tikka in 375 ruger with a bell and carlson stock, which is going to be my new general purpose rifle that I don’t actually use. That will also probably get the nod sometimes during ****ty weather

Yessir ^ ^ ^
I've done much the same.
I would have never dreamed that some
of the things I bought decades ago would
be so expensive now.
But that's only partly the reason for me.
I decided some time back that if I couldn't
remember the last time I'd used something
for what I'd bought it for, it was going to
a new home. Plus the increasing crime
rate in this region. Firearms, expensive
knives and jewelry, watches, etc. have
gradually been re-homed. I can't see
using valuable space to just store toys
that I'll likely never use again, and I'd
rather have the $$$ than to have some
pinhead steal the thing and it end up in
the pawn shop for pennies on the dollar

Too true. A .22 Glenfield and a .308 hand me down Winchester. I'll struggle by I hope.
While I do sometimes use other rifles, my 700 BDL .25-06 has taken the extreme majority of game critters and quite a few varmints. Unless I'm after things in excess of 500 lbs, it's my go-to. The only game species I've taken that I've never used it for was hogs, but that's only because I didn't want to dismount my trusty Leupold VXIII to put night vision on it when I had a perfectly good 673 guide gun in .350 rem mag for that purpose. Now that round anchors a pig with authority!
I have a some specialty only take for certain things but I have 2 I would not care to take anywhere anytime the 1st is my old 264 Winchester model 70 boss and the second might be over kill but the past 2 seasons I’ve used it just about every trip my 300 rum
Hog Hunting is a different thread. ANY rifle, caliber good to go. Wild hog? Just kill 'em. If you can do it with .17hrm go for it.

Apologies. Again, that's for a different thread.

Pest animal or not, I still want an ethical kill. And traveling at some expense to hunt them for the meat, I'd rather they drop where they stood. Ergo, I use plenty of rifle to get the job done. They're pretty tough, I've seen them run off never to be found with solid body hits from .308. When that 225 gr .358" Accubond slams into them, though, they go nowhere.
The .30U.S. could certainly be my one and only rifle. Could. I'm a true fan, but only have one, my 03A3. And I love that rifle, and up to recently still took it out one day a year looking for bear. (but then I finally got one with the Jeager) However, I've gone over to the dark side and really only hunt with black powder anymore...last seven-eight years or so. I forget! For many years, the 7.7 was my everything rifle, (when I was a poor boy) then the .303 British in several forms, and then a .44 mag Carbine/Ruger for many years, then I "diversified".

Now my .62" Jeager is what I use for everything with four legs. And since I don't care for scopes/optics, that works fine for me. However, many of my "modern" rifles (mostly WWII battle rifles) still get to go hiking, exploring, woods bumming, trekking, etc. once in a while.
My Win M70 in 30-06 was the first centerfire rifle I bought. It was to be my anything in North America rifle. In the past 30+ years it has gone with me on every deer hunting trip, so at least one trip per year. In the past 5-8 years I have other options thanks partially to my reloading hobby :). These days the '06 does not go out on foul weather days, and for the first time ever this season it did not make it into the field. It made the trip but stayed in the cabin the whole trip.

The thought of getting rid of the '06 has entered my mind. I just can't bring myself to parting with it as it was my first. Lots of memories with that rifle, first deer, first buck, trips to WY with old friends. I'll keep it for now.

My GP rifle is a Model 7 in 7mm-08; it replaced the same rifle in .308 when I got out of .30 cals a few years ago. There's no question it has the most general utility of all my hunting rifles ... but I have several others that tend toward specialization so, no, I don't use my "do everything" rifle for "everything." I've started culling a bit; sold off four rifles recently. I expect the Model 7 will be with me until I'm too old to hunt.
I`m with you on the 06. Used one for years. Getting older, rifle weight became an issue for me.
looked around and found a lighter weight rifle in 243. Used it for years.
Thinking I could do better I came across a Savage 99F in 250/3000. Bingo. That is one fine lever action. Done looking.
Even back when I hunted deer, I never owned a traditional do everything hunting rifle.
I remember a long time ago a G&A article about the 30-06 not being good for anything, there was a lot of truth in it, a jack of all trade master of none.
Were I to go deer hunting my do everything 16" AR in 308 would absolutely make the list of options.
I only own two calibres, a pair of 44 mag carbines and 223. The 44 with a scout scope does most of the work. I use it from 10-140 yards which covers most of the shooting I need to do.
I don't have an everything rifle

Either do I.

I have some that come close, that can suffice, but nothing that's great at everything. Here's what I use based on task (game) and conditions:

Deer, open country, row crop fields: 24" bolt guns in .270Win (130grn) and .300WM (165grn) with 2-12X and 3-18X scopes
Deer, wooded terrain; stands, blinds still hunting, and drives: Rem M7s, 20" barrels in .260Rem and .350RM with 1.25-4X or 2.5-8X scopes

Elk, wooded timber: Rem M7 .350RM 1.25-4X using 225 Partitions
Elk open country/mixed: 300WM 24" barrel and an 8x68S 26" barrel

The M7 is .260Rem is the closest I have to a GP rifle, but the choice of optic limits it to about 350yds. I don't have a rifle truly set up for LR hunting, because it's just not my thing. I have a couple target setups that can be pressed into service. I'm having my M700 in 300WM rebuilt this winter, but it will remain an out to 500 or so combination.
*Very* well said. If you have to pull the trigger, no matter the caliber or the instrument, no matter what you or any one else prefers, just get it done clean with one shot.

Which is why I've been using my Ruger No.1B in 30-06 for as long as I've been hunting. Stopped hunting in 2012, but, still have that No.1B.
Whoever coined the saying "beware the man who only owns one gun....he knows how to use it"........probably came from our neighborhood.......where 9 out of 10 homes probably had a gun........but only 5 of 10 had more than one. If only one, it was probably a .22 or .410 single shot. A well equipped home had a rifle, 22 and shotgun. As a kid, parents used to take us to card parties........rotated around among 10 to 15 homes. All of them had a gun cabinet in the living room. Few had more than 3 or 4 guns of any kind in them. To see a guy with even 10 guns was unheard of.

My dad was about as good with a rifle as anyone. He earned Army's top marksmanship award and one of his favorite stories was the time he entered a shooting match and won 1st place, with a prize being a case of beer, of which he only got one can and said he had to fight hard to get that. Rest of his unit snagged the rest. Yet he never owned a rifle of his own until he was at least 50. There was nothing to shoot with one. Once deer were reintroduced, he bought a 270, and that was our rifle for years. Used for coyotes, deer, coyotes and deer. I have shot two geese with sitting and one flying. But only one gun, as one gun was all you needed. Viewed as a a hammer, shovel or rake. You only needed one.

My grandfather on my dad's side died of a heart attack before I was born. He was a trap shooter, which for that part of the world was considered an extravagant waste of precious ammo. You only practiced to get good enough to shoot game. Even so, he only owned two guns. His trap gun and a double he used for ducks and geese. Other grandfather was a farmer, but never owned a gun.
"Beware the man with one gun. He can probably use it." --- Jeff Cooper
If you have an "Everything rifle", it makes me think you have only one rifle. If you have others that you use for target shooting, competition, home defense or different kinds of
hunting, than you don't have an "Everything rifle" that you would use for "Everything."
I have a Mosin that I’ve been wanting to do the same with, but haven’t gotten around to it. Sometimes if I’m hunting with a rifle with certain limitations like iron sights or a contender pistol, I’ll also bring a scoped rifle with just in case.

So far I have killed four whitetails with my Lee Enfield. If we ever get all the crops in I'll use my Grandfather's Garand.
I've told this story before, but for three or four years back in the day I was on a mission to find a Ruger #1 in .30U.S., to be my one and only everything rifle. Before the black powder bug really bit in. CHOMP! I haunted all the gun shows, but never could find one in that caliber. At the time, the #1 was common at the gun-shows, but just never found one in '06. Passed up many good deals on them in 7mmRemMag...but, I was on a mission! Probably a good thing, it would be gathering dust now, and I love my 03A3, it fixes my 30-06 addiction...and gathers enough dust. I was on that mission before I got the 03A3. The Springfield rifle (mine's a Remington) is a beautiful thing. It certainly could be my everything rifle.