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Does anyone know if Bi-Lo supermarket is STILL very much anti-gun?

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by Green Lantern, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    I say "still," because I KNOW they were. First from the puny little 2x2 inch sign cramed in on a poster with about a dozen OTHER little assorted sundry 2x2 sgns, "we accept Discover, no pets, etc."

    Then from an e-mail from the local District Manager which could have been drafted by Sarah Brady herself. I probably still have it somewhere, I kid you not, he talks about fear of gun-toters "terrifying mothers" in their stores! :uhoh:

    THEN, upon a kick in the bu...er..."prodding" from a fellow poster at GT, I actually typed a letter for Mr. Dean Cohagan, the president. Took a bit of "prodding" myself for one of the call-center lackeys to give me his address. Got a letter back from him, and I don't think it was a FORM letter either! That was nice! :) The content was not nice, tho - more of the same. First says there has been little feedback about the signs, then says a LOT of people have given positive feedback on them. I still have the letter, and would type it ver batum....


    Last time I walked by there, I noticed the signs were gone. I went inside. Also noticed new uniforms than the one I remembered.

    Couldn't find any info about them being bought out or anything, just wonder if there might have been a shake up in management?

    See, if I KNEW that they had reversed their policy, I'd be calling on people to lavish them with praise. I'd do it myself. But what I FEAR is, the policy still stands and the signs are just being updated. Or that they just forgot to post, or something.

    So if they "forget" to post, I guess I COULD carry in there. But I don't wanna give them any money if they STILL hold their antigun views.

    Plus, what If I had to draw on someone in there who attacked me if that's the case? I can see it now, the CEO hears about it - "Lantern, Lantern....HEY! That's that sanctimonious little pain in the....see if the cops can't yank his CCW! Sign or no sign, he KNOWS we don't allow carry!" :cuss:

    I got jumped on before for pointing out to an "anti" business that they need MORE signage, as in signage that followed the way it's written into the law of the state is was located in. Seems that some folk got mad that now they COULDN'T carry in there anymore and knowingly spend money at an anti self-defense business! :rolleyes:

    (er, yeah, I DID try to point out their folly FIRST. The "or at least make your signage visible and at all entrances if you MEAN it!" was like an afterthought.)

    But the more I think about it, the more I think I SHOULD be coming with the big 'thank you' to Bi-Lo. If they aren't anti-carry anymore, they'll feel good.

    If they ARE still anti-carry, maybe they'll put the signs back up so that people will REALIZE it and gunnies like me won't be fooled into giving them our $$$!
  2. dralarms

    dralarms Member

    Mar 23, 2007
    East Tenn.
    If they are anit it's news to me, I carry (carried, they closed my local store), in our local one all the time and never gave it a second thought. I usually tell them "you don't want my money, fine" and leave.
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