Does your state require a 4473 for private sales ?

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Apr 18, 2019
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As the title as asks, I’m curious to know how private sales are lawfully conducted in different states, as well as this follow up question.
Do you know how and where your hard copy 4473 forms are kept ?

The only time a 4473 is used is when purchases are made through a FFL. For some states, they require all private sales to go through a FFL. The FFL must hold onto all 4473's for as long as they are in business. If a FFL closes for any reason, then all 4473's are to be turned into the ATF. For states that a required background check is handled by the state, they will have their own paperwork and procedures for private sales.

To answer your question. Missouri does not require any background check for private sales. You just have to follow state and federal law. And state laws here mirror federal laws. Both seller and buyer must be residents of Missouri for all private firearm sales.
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Before I relocated to Montana, our previous state ( WA) was approaching a very hard line on private sales also gifting to a family member. I’m certainly glad Mt. has a realistic view to these matters.
Hard copy 4473 can be stored in a cardboard box in back room, I’m not sure how or if the E files are stored or if required to be backed up.
Virginia has gone full communist during Northam's tenure. Now every transfer must go through a FFL.
Private sellers have the alternative of having the background check done directly by the State Police (bypassing the FFL requirement). The State Police are required to set up tables at all major gun shows, for this purpose. I'm not 100% sure, not having used this system, but I don't think the State Police use the federal Form 4473 for this purpose. Virginia has its own form, which is also used by FFL's in tandem with the federal Form 4473. (The Virginia requirements -- the questions on the Virginia form -- are slightly more restrictive than the questions asked on the Form 4473.)
In Oregon, all transfers have to go through an FFL with a $10 State Police background check except for immediate family. You cannot lend your friend a gun for hunting season unless you are with them.

The forms are maintained by the FFL for twenty years by federal law unless they go out business. Then the forms have to be shipped to the BATFE and maintained for the twenty year period.
Yes in NM except to close family members and it can be either a sale or gift to them. Just another albatross to wear to us from our Round House troll and her supporters in the legislature.
In CA: all handguns are required to use FFL. All modern long guns require FFL. C&R long guns require FFL03 & COE (certificate of eligibility)

COE requires finger printing and FBI background check.

All transactions through FFL also require the 10 day "cooling off" period.

oddly enough if C&R handgun or long gun is acquired out of state, all they require is a form notifying CA DOJ in 30 days. (I think this is still factual)
In Texas, no. Some private sellers ask for your Driver’s License # to fill out a Bill of Sale. I refuse to do that so I kick rocks.
This may help by showing the Anti's own map.




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