Does your state require a 4473 for private sales ?

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Florida is still a MYOB state, for the moment. We are under constant attack from the Dade-Broward-Disney-Tampa vote plantations but for this moment it's a ""NO." Joe
I don't know if Tampa is the problem, I know lots of transplants and growing but we have a lot of huge gunstores in the bay area and ranges
NV does, thanks to former Governor Sisolak .,,Thank god we got Governor Lombardo in the last election he did not sign 3 anti 2A/anti gun laws recently
Certainly helps to have state representatives that are pro 2A. They wouldn’t last long in Mt. any other way.
Having a concealed permit I can walk in and buy a handgun or rifle in just a few minutes.
Yes in NM except to close family members and it can be either a sale or gift to them. Just another albatross to wear to us from our Round House troll and her supporters in the legislature.
And I am guessing that most private sales in this state, especially in rural areas, are conducted in the same way that they were prior to this additional requirement.
Alabama does not require any paperwork for private transactions for firearm sales. Some people may ask to see a permit or sign a bill of sale. But that is the extent of it.
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