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Discussion in 'Strategies, Tactics, and Training' started by Kleanbore, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Good Ol' Boy

    Good Ol' Boy Member

    Apr 26, 2016
    Mechanicsville, VA
    I have an English Staffordshire Terrier and she's both alerting and aggressive, if she doesn't know you.

    To me thats part of the reason for having a "good" dog. We live in the country with a fenced in yard. Anyone who's not supposed to be there will get the "alerting/aggressive" treatment and I have no worries about it. Its one of the reasons we keep her around.

    Paperz pleeze....

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  2. gyp_c2

    gyp_c2 Member

    Mar 24, 2004
    Colorado Springs
    My wife wanted a dog to grow up with the baby. Norwegian Elkhound female.
    Timed it so puppy was six months old at birth. Went through basic obedience before delivery. On coming home day, baby was introduced to puppy on our bed. I have pictures somewhere of her sitting patiently while baby ate from her food bowl.
    No other animal or human ever allowed to touch her food.
    Great dog.

    To complete the thought, we went back to school for area and personal protection.
    She would guard whatever area she was alerted in and the family.
    It wasn't in her nature to be aggressive but she was very defensive.
    Didn't ever take to the gunfire.
    Tolerate, but not revel in it.
    So...personality and genetics, along with training are important for job skills.
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  3. webrx
    • Contributing Member

    webrx Contributing Member

    Nov 10, 2010
    In my opinion, it is important that if you are going to have a dog as part of you home defense you have a good understanding of the animal, and what risks "it" imposes to your family, just like you do with a firearm. I have known some very sweet pits, but never met a chihuahua that I trusted. on the other hand, the little dogs will take a small chunk out of an ankle, where a pit can do a lot more damage.

    The previous statistics are interesting, but most statistics can be manipulated to be misleading or say what you want them to say depending on how they categorized and presented.

    According to Canine Journal, here’s a list of the dog breeds known to bite the most
    If you want to see more stats, including the stat that when it comes to dog attacks by breed, the Pit Bull is responsible for the highest number of them in the US. Pit bulls have killed 248 people over 13 years (26 of 38 fatalities in 2018) , and the Rottweiler comes in second place with 45 recorded fatalities for the same period. The German Shepherd is also responsible for inflicting 20 fatal injuries. And even some breeds that aren’t considered to be aggressive have killed people. For example, the Labrador Retriever is responsible for nine deaths.

    Also, it’s important to note that Pit Bulls stats are affected by them being a popular breed that is specifically trained by the owners to be aggressive rather than the breed itself having an aggressive temperament.


    We have 3 dogs and a attack cat, our English Pointer (girl) will let us know anytime anyone is near the house, one step into our yard, and she goes off. That along with the ring, cameras, alarm system, firearms, etc and I feel pretty good about our home protection options. Our two new pups (5 months Golden Doodles - full size) are being trained by the older girl, and they are also now barking when the ring goes off or she gets worked up, the boys at this point will most likely just like anyone that comes in, but, they will let us know they are there.

  4. Charlie Martinez

    Charlie Martinez Member

    Nov 4, 2018
    The problem with dogs biting people is a complex issue and while breeding has something to do with it ignorance, irresponsibility or even cruelty by their owners are perhaps much more significant causes.

    Many small breeds like the much maligned Chihuahua and some of the gentler large breeds like Labs and Golden Retrievers have an extensive bite record because they have the misfortune of being mistaken for inanimate toys. Many people buy these types of dogs for their kids to "play" with w/o supervision or w/o educating the kids that animals are not toys and don't like to be hurt anymore than they do. Kids that are not taught how to respect animals can be cruel and hard on them and if the dog decides it's had enough he may scold the kid with either a nip or in some cases a nasty bite. As result the kid is taken to the doctor and the poor dog is euthanized or discarded to the nearest dog pound with a record as a "biter". I don't think the dog can be faulted for that but they are.

    The "protection" type dogs are a different situation and can be much more dangerous. Any dog regardless of breed can be protective but Pits, Rottweilers, Shepherds and such are specifically bred to protect which in effect means that generally members of these breeds are not afraid to take the fight to you and (really) bite. Because of their inbred characteristics these dogs require responsible owners that provide skillful handling, serious training and a certain degree of discipline that many people either do not know how or lack the time to administer. I don't know the statistics but I'm positive that the main reason(s) behind most serious dog bite injuries from these large, powerful breeds resulted either directly or indirectly from owner cruelty, ignorance or negligence.

    Just my two cents worth on the subject.
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  5. bdickens

    bdickens Member

    May 1, 2008
    Hockley , TX

    How would you react if someone kept slapping you, pushing you, pulling your hair, etc and wouldn't stop?

    Many dog "attacks" are not attacks at all but the dog defending itself.
  6. Pudge

    Pudge Member

    May 6, 2012
    Tioga County, PA
    Cave Canem 20210304_145604.jpg
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