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Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by coloradokevin, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Member

    Mar 22, 2008
    So, obviously we are a bunch of at least semi-technologically adept gun owners around here, given our membership in an online gun forum.

    The thought occurred to me that we all spend an awful lot of our time preaching to the choir around here, whereby we explain our views to people who already pretty much agree with our perspective. Obviously I'm not complaining about this in the least, as I really enjoy this forum, but I think we can also learn to use this means of communication to our advantage in other ways!

    I'd assume that many of us have other interests outside of shooting sports (I know I do). And, just like with guns, these days there are web forums for nearly every hobby imaginable!

    How many of you belong to other forums? How many of you post arguments related to gun rights on these forums? If you don't do this, can you begin to incorporate this into your daily online routine?

    I know that I also belong to other forums that include:

    Two forums for law enforcement officers
    Two hiking forums
    One climbing forum
    One local Colorado mountain forum

    Every one of the other 6 forums I use would have at least some place where a discussion of gun-related issues would be acceptable, and all of these forums have thousands of members. Thus, whenever the opportunity presents itself, I try to share clear and convincing perspectives with these other forum users (many of whom are not gun owners at this time).

    Do you do the same? Do you utilize these online resources as well as you could? If you make a good point on this forum, or find a post that really speaks to you, do you share this with members of your other "outside" forums?

    This is just a thought! But, remember that we are in the Information Age! We can all reach out to hundreds of people on a daily basis, and share our views with them! Don't be lost in the crowd! Show the world that we are not a bunch of misguided rednecks who are "clinging to guns and religion". Show the world that we are their neighbors, their friends, their relatives, and their coworkers! Get the word out that gun rights are critical to our society, and do so in a way that others can relate to!
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