Elevated threat level-will you now carry a rifle in the car too?

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Dec 25, 2002
North Texas
Just wondering how many of you who already carry concealed, or carry a "car gun", will now add a rifle to your vehicle? Is it sensible or an over-reaction to add that AR-15 or SKS (or whatever you choice is) to your standard personal defense weapon? I'm not thinking about SHTF scenario's here, as much as deciding if it's prudent to have access to more gun, as opposed to more guns. Or have some of you already made that decision?
Considering that the threat is pretty limited to the Wall st. financial district and the fact that my mother works in that area, I'd say other than keeping your eyes open, theres not much the average citizen can legally do. Living just outside of NYC, I make an effort to know the laws of both the state and the city.

It is ILLEGAL to cruise around with an AR or shotgun in NYC. If you live inside the city, you may purchase and own firearms, but they cant be IN the city. If you live outside the city, you may only bring firearms in if you are passing through to a range (but even that is debatable). No stopping to hit the Taco Smell, no nothin. As an interesting side note, a baseball bat in the trunk is considered a weapon unless theres a ball and glove rolling around in there too.

And we all know that legal concealed carry in the city is as rare as bigfoot. So this said, the best people can really do is keep their eyes open for beatup or rental trucks parked where they shouldnt.

Trust the NYPD... They're there to protect you :scrutiny:
I though the "elevated" threat level was only for financial institutions in certain citys. Besides which, assuming that the area you live in, and your vehicle, are such that you don't have to worry about your rifle, or whole car w/ rifle, getting stolen, why wouldn't you carry one? The decision making process should revolve around whether you can keep a rifle in your car discreetly and safely, not whether the threat level is up or down.

Many of us carry handguns to be ready for relatively unlikely circumstances, why should we hold having a much more effective defense weapon to a differant standard?
Rifles are of little use against car bombs.

Although having a rifle in the area of any of the elevated threat levels, in New York, DC, or Newark in going to be precluded by law and lots of local security, having a rifle would not necessarily be useless.

The terrorists have, on more than one occasion, used gunmen to clear away security before driving car bombs into target areas in Saudi. Our targets are on busy streets so its less likely here, but they have used that tactic, and if I was working a security checkpoint in the area of a potential target, I would certainly want a rifle within reach
Let's suppose you are in one of the financial districts and the terrorists attack. You stop your vehicle and get your long gun out of the trunk. Now considering we are a multi-national, multi-race, multi-custom country, exactly who are you going to shoot? Is that person one of the terrorist or just another US citizen with your very same idea to protect his/her country?
Also remember that the other person could be thinking the same thing about you standing there with a rifle in your hands.
I probably won't carry a rifle since the only one I currently have is an old German K98k bolt action... I sold all my semi-autos in anticipation of AWB sunset. I might start carrying extra mags for my CCW though.

I'm wondering if Houston might also be targeted because of the refineries, George Bush airport, NASA, and Ellington AFB. :scrutiny:
Right after 9/11, I was at Academy Sports and spoke with the guy who sells the guns and ammo. I was looking for cleaner. Anyway, I noticed most of the ammo was gone! He laughed and noted that apparently people think they are going to stop airplanes from dropping out of the sky with .380! About the only ammo they had plenty of was birdshot and some of the more unique rifle calibers.

As noted, you won't stop a crashing 747 with a .380 and you won't stop a car bomb with a rifle. They won't do squat to the driver unless you know the driver is driving a car bomb. That is the thing about car bombs. You don't know they are a bomb until they explode. Sometimes the driver is exploding with it. A rifle would have done no good in OKA when that van bomb went off. So just what hell are you going to do to the driver with a rifle? Maybe you a friends at the psychic friends network to let you know? Speaking of which, if psychics were really psychic, they would be really helpful about now, but they don't do crap.

So the threat level has been raised in some areas. Odds are that you are still much more likely to be the victim of some crackhead crime than one of a terrorist. If you carry a rifle in your car for crackheads, then continue. If you don't, do you really think you will be using it against a terrorist.

I would suggest toting a rifle - more particularly openly carrying or even showing a rifle on the streets of NYC would get you multitudes of LEO .223/.40/9mm bullets coming quickly in your direction. At Orange it'd probably be "shoot/ask later.
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I already have a rifle in the trunk anyway...however, I did recently retire the Steyr M95 in favor of a Norinco SKS. The trunk also contains a Chinese bandolier in a plastic bag, with 200 rounds on stripper clips.

Excessive? Maybe to some folks. The way I see it, it doesn't take up much space, and if I ever need it, I reckon I'll be glad it's there.

That said, I don't think East TN is a high priority for the terrorists. Oak Ridge nearby may be a desirable target, but those DOE security dudes are some tough (and well-armed) hombres.
I increased my response level (locked and loaded a Bushy) about two hours ago, after reading the threat on CNN.

Obviously, the good guys may or may not have been fed some disinformation. All it takes is fifty cents.

But you may be assured of one thing. Whatever happens, 300 meters of where I I'm standing is covered.

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Let's suppose you are in one of the financial districts and the terrorists attack. You stop your vehicle and get your long gun out of the trunk.
As I pointed out, its not practical for a non-LEO in the currently discussed threat areas, nor do I think anyone has suggested that it was.

Double Naught Spy
That is the thing about car bombs. You don't know they are a bomb until they explode.
Demonstrably untrue.
Government officials said that gunmen tried to enter the compound, and there was an exchange of fire with security guards.
BBC coverage of a bombing in Saudi in which Al-Qaeda attempted to use a police car to get closer to the target, and when that failed exchanged gunfire with security while trying to get the car closer to its target.
In one of the attacks, gunmen driving a black sedan are reported to have shot their way into the residential compound.
Yet again, in what is obviously a planned tactic, Al-Qaeda uses gunmen to pin down security while driving the bomb in.

Since Al-Qaeda has sucessfully used the tactic twice, I think its safe to say that there is a risk of them doing it again.
I've carried a shotgun and an AR in the truck for 15 years. When I buy a truck with an extended cab, a priority has to be space behind the back seat.

Not for protection, but if I feel like hitting the range or I'm in a new area with a range I havn't been too, I'm covered without going to the house first.
Manchester has had a mean streak of car window bustings lately. Even with the valet switch for the trunk activated, one with time and effort could access the trunk. I have a $50 H&R single-shot 12ga I could put back there, so the monetary loss isn't an issue. But the idea of some punk running around with my shotgun isn't nice.

My Beretta 92 goes with me everywhere, and I have enough magazines to carry 61 rounds should I choose. A long arm does not fit the mission profile.

I have an H&R ss 12g that I bought 50+ years back. Still a reliable firearm. Now you wouldn't put that good one of yours in harm's way, would you? ;)

My only other long arms are a ca. 1943 SA M1 Garand and a ca. 1944 Enfield #4 mk1. While I would probably laugh at the thought of some punk trying to figure out how to use the Enfield, the Garand cost me about twelve times what I paid for the H&R. I would not want to lose it.

I actually refer to my H&R in my book (see sig), in some passing comment involving the Marquis de Sade. :evil:
This ain't the freakin' middle east. A rifle won't do you a bit of good. Do you really belive a well planned terriost attack is preventable by a citizen with a rifle in the trunk of their car?

98 % of the US population still walks around in condition white. Terrorist don't need to shoot their way into a building they just drive into it and boom.

The whole thing will be over before you can say "What the......
This ain't the freakin' middle east. A rifle won't do you a bit of good. Do you really belive a well planned terriost attack is preventable by a citizen with a rifle in the trunk of their car?

tell that to the Israeli woman who took out a suicide bomber in a market before he could detonate...
Delusions of grandeur run rampant here at times.

No, I don't have a rifle in the trunk.

What exactly would be the scenario where a rifle in my trunk would do me any good? I mean, lets just say I saw something happening, wouldn't it take a little while to pull over, get out the gun, and then run back to whatever was happening?

Carry a rifle in the trunk if it makes you feel better, but just have the honesty to admit all its doing is making you feel better.

My guess is if you pull out a rifle during a terrorist attack, you will probably be the first one the FBI snipers drop.
When you need a rifle, there's really nothing else that will fit the bill.

As long as it's legal, it's better to have than to wish you had.
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