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Email I sent out this morning

Discussion in 'Activism' started by gunslinger15, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. gunslinger15

    gunslinger15 Member

    Jul 1, 2006
    Feel free to pass this along if you like..

    Today President Obama and Hillary Clinton are meeting with the UN to sign a treaty banning the import/ export of small arms world wide. Furthermore, the senate is voting on an amendment to a "cyber security" bill that would restrict magazine capacity to 10 rounds. While the odds of either of these acts are unlikely to pass, they are direct attacks on our second amendment and it's time to wake up!! If we give them an inch they will take a mile, and if you lose the second amendment you will shortly lose the rest. I encourage you all to be vigilant and write to your representatives. Let them know that you don't support the gun control legislation, and if they want to keep their cushy jobs they better not either. The second amendment wasn't put in the constitution to only protect our hunting guns or competition guns, it's there to give the common citizen teeth to protect all of their God given rights from all enemies foreign and domestic. Gun control is a joke it only takes looking at the crime rates in " gun free" areas such as Chicago and New York to see it doesn't work. In those areas only criminals have guns because ....get this.... Criminals don't follow laws in the first place, so the good law abiding citizens are left defenseless and at the mercy of the criminals. *Car wrecks kill thousands of people each year, but do we blame the cars? No we blame the people behind the wheel. Guns have no moral stature. They will be used by evil men for evil, and good men for the correction of evil. Just remember when life threatening criminal acts against you and your family occur seconds count, and police are minutes away. Don't let the government take your means of defense away. It starts as silly 10 round capacity bans, then registration, then confiscation... The rest of your rights wont be far behind I promise. Don't give up an Inch! *
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