Excessive amount of ammunition on hand!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by sigprosp2340, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. SWMAN

    SWMAN Member

    Jan 9, 2004
    Northern Virginia
    One can never have too much ammo, ever.
  2. molonlabe28

    molonlabe28 Member

    Nov 29, 2004
    Knoxville, Tn
    Well done, Sigprosp2340.

    You are prepared, as you should be.

    Ammo is like oxygen.
  3. p230

    p230 Member

    Feb 17, 2006
    Nope, buy it cheap and stack it deep. Nicely organized by the way. I nearly that much just in 5.45X39 and 7.62X39. From talking with a few firemen where I live they don't worry too much about ammo. They worry more about large amounts of powder, one mentioned hitting an unburned can one time and busting it open resulting in a flash situation. He was cleaning up after the fire was out, hit the can without knowing it was there and stirred some embers in the process.
  4. GarySTL

    GarySTL Member

    Jul 1, 2005
    Warrenton, MO
    The only time you can have too much ammo is if you're on fire!
  5. cyclist

    cyclist Member

    Sep 20, 2007
    I had two but now have three things to comment on.

    1. Go to your local lumber yard or big box Home Depot type store and get some thin wallboard and some small screws and nuts. You can use peg board or 1/4" plywood. The peg board will already have the holes in it. Basically you can just put sides onto your storage rack and a couple of simple hinges on the front and a makeshift door with a padlock clasp. Mostly it's to keep curious eyes from bugging out. Cheap and easy and secures the stuff from small hands and big mouths.

    2. Go to one of your friend's houses, not from your's, and make the calls to the local fire department, city planning office, and local P.D.. Make the calls anonymously as a general inquiry. Tell them you were thinking of getting into some target shooting or a Skeet and Trap league and someone told you that there were regulations or laws about how much ammunition you could have on hand at home. You can even tell them that there is a 3-day competition coming up and it was recommended that you have a few thousands rounds of ammo with you. If there is a law then a phone link will put them at someone else's house, not high road, but safer than not.

    3. Your comment:
    causes me some concern. According to your comment you are now an ammunition dealer of sorts, so stop doing that. Also, per your comment, you are now an organizer, which might saddle you with some liabilities. I'm not a lawyer, but I have been reading up in a bicycling law reference book recently about liability on organized rides, and if I read it right you might have some liability if you are in fact "organizing" the shoots. So, stop doing that and pass the baton to someone else.

    I've got nothing else to say on this.
    Take care, be safe, be smart.
  6. ElToro

    ElToro Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Bay Area, PRK
    some people would say i have too much, some people would say im an amateur. i think i need LOTS more. i have been quietly putting away as much as i can afford of the various calibers i shoot. also been getting as much as i can from CMP as its still 'cheap' and i shoot a lot of 30-06 and can always pull the bullets for my .308. only my wife and dad have seen my entire ammo collection

    i have also been buying on gunbroker when i see a non pro selling his ammo, usually i can get it much cheaper that way. i recently got 4 boxes of NIB 25-06; rem, fed and hornady for avg of $12.50 a box INCLUDING shipping. from some guy who was getting out of it. also picked up 20 boxes of .308 fed vital shok from an estate auction handler for about $10 a box plus shipping. retail its like double that or worse

    i stock up when i see it really cheap in a caliber i dont own. i was at Wally World one nite and they were clearing out their 20 ga shotgun ammo. $1 a box. i dont own a 20 gauge yet. every size but mostly 8.50 shot and 4 and 5 . i bought everything they had for $1 a box just becuase i would be sick to my stomach knowing i had passed it up. turns out there was bit of 12 and 16 in there too. but over 50 boxes of 25 shots federal game loads. now i got to get a 20 gauge shotgun... probly at least 300-400$ worth of 20ga ammo. i figure they owe me since i am a shareholder and their stock has done nothing for the last few years. i

    and if times get tough, i can sell some of my ammo for a LOT more than i have paid due to inflation.

    i dont reload YET as i am in process form moving from a tiny condo to a real house ( thanks to RE price depression, i can afford a house !) so i can set upa place to do that, but i have just about every piece of brass that i have shot form a centerfire rifle or revolver and a lot of semi auto brass.
  7. ilbob

    ilbob Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    The other day near where I live, a guy staying in a friends home while the friend was in the hospital was forced to shoot and kill a 14 YO home invader.

    The local rag's response was to focus on the alter boy qualities of the dead 14 YO.

    The headline a day or two later was something about the home having "many guns", as if that is a good reason why thugs should steal from you. It was only if you looked real closely in the article that it mentioned the actual number - 15 long guns and 1 handgun. The article also mentioned the HO was an avid hunter. I was thinking about this and 15 long guns is about what it would take to hunt most game. My guess is several shotguns for geese and ducks, another for pheasant, maybe a couple for trap, skeet and sporting clays, and a slug gun for deer, and you can easily have 6 or 8 shotguns. A couple 22 rifles, and a few bolt action rifles for hunting larger animals and 15 seems like a small number for a serious hunter.
  8. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Chesapeake, VA
    I think you tell your friends too much. A handful of my friends know I like shooting and guns. Two know that I own more than one gun. One (grew up together and are like brothers) has the slightest inkling of what I have, but if I asked him to guess, he wouldn't come close. He has no idea how much ammo I have on hand.

    You'd have to check the fire codes as that would govern the allowable quantities of ammo and storage requirements, but most states are going to be regulating this for commercial rather than private ownership. Of course, if your home burns and the resulting explosion wipes out an entire neighborhood, then I'll wager you'd be in serious trouble. Short of that, I wouldn't worry (except that you've told your "friends" too much).
  9. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard Member

    Jun 16, 2007
    Behind the Daley Curtain (IL)
    There's no such thing as too much ammo. There is such a thing as not enough shooting.
  10. scrat

    scrat Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Monrovia, CA
    yep thats a heck of a lot of store bought ammo. For sure on my shelves you will see alot more plastics. However i do have a lot of store bought boxes too. At the range when i see someone shooting a same caliber of mine (store Bought). i usually not only try to get the brass but the boxes too. they make great holders when i reload. So now thinking of it. i have a bunch of boxes that look like store bought but are not. the only store bought stuff i have is .410 shotgun which is costly. but i dont have that many empties and 22lr. I usually try to get at least a brick a month even though i dont shoot that much of it. The way i see it if the liberals ever get there way and limit you to how much ammo you can purchase here in california then i should be plenty strong on ammo. Especially since i cast my own and reload.
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