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Expert Maintenance on rifles - what's in YOUR kit?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Motega, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Motega

    Motega Member

    Jan 27, 2011
    I'm getting serious about my shooting and with that, of course, comes the regular and involved cleaning and maintenance that the hunter or casual shooter can do less than ideally because it is done infrequently. There are a few things I'd like to get a general consensus on. Let me first tell you what is in my kit and what worked for me as a hunter/casual shooter. This is a partial list of what I use most.
    1. Mpro-7 cleaner- absolutely great at degreasing and getting light fouling off FAST and with zero odor.
    2. G97 - smells great, decent cleaner, and has always done a good job preventing rust and keeping stuff lubed
    3. Mpro-7 lubricant- incredibly slick but I can't comment on how it stacks up - it hasn't let me down in the cold and seems great
    2-3 piece rods and standard bronze/copper brushes
    various toothbrushes (cheap electric ones are GREAT!)
    Boresnakes, rags, q-tips.

    So for you guys that really foul up your barrels often I'd like to ask what your opinion is on rods/rod guides and oil vs. grease. I have a "Dewey" rod but it is a royal pain because it is 1 piece. Is this a necessity? What about a bore guide? What's up with that, it just fits on the crown to keep the rod centered? Are they necessary?

    So :

    1. what's the best grease?!!! and what's the rule about grease vs. oil? grease on metal to metal and oil on other parts?
    2. Are rod guides a must and if so which ones are the best?
    3. What are the best rods that are 2-3 piece... and is 1 piece rod a must?
    4. Canned air vs. a compressor to blow stuff out- sure there are times when a compressor can't be used i.e. hunting camp but otherwise is a compressor a bad idea? Too much air pressure a bad thing?
    5. What are your thoughts about REALLY taking stuff apart vs just running a few patches down the bore and using a toothbrush&patch/oily rag/ or similar to clean visible areas of the action? How often would you take apart trigger assembly and other stripping that takes some real time to do?

    Again, most important to me is what grease is best and what rod/guide is best.

    I shoot just about everything but my main concerns are Ar15, FAL, Rem. 870, various other shotguns, 1911 .45, 10/22, various small and large revolvers, muzzleloader, and 700 .30-06.

    Thanks for your input- since a few family members and friends are getting just as serious as I am and starting to hunt/shoot a LOT more we could all use some expert advice!!!
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