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Fallout from Arizona shooting with 8 year old

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MagnumDweeb, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. MagnumDweeb

    MagnumDweeb Member

    Feb 28, 2008
    Central Florida
    Wow here I am studying with Headline News on for background noise and Headline News does an earlier bit about kids having access to guns. Well thankfully three folks from NC and SC call up and say what most of us think, no guns in the hands of children unless there is appropriate adult supervision and that children should not have unbridled access to firearms.

    So about fifteen minutes Jane Veldez-Mitchell or something like that goes on about how guns are evil and that if there was less guns in this country there would be less gun homicides in this county, well that may be true but I'm sure other forms of homicide would only increase as well as full-spectrum crime. This Jane Vedldez-Mitchell I think is on at 7:00 in Glenn Beck's old time spot, I miss that show, now I only have Loub Dobbs and Huckabee to watch.

    We are a rather large country with a large pool of rather resourceful people, there was another post about the secret gun business in Ghana and if you look at Youtube there are a lot folks making guns on there. If the antis make being an American illegal what do you think will happen, will all the people just sit on their hands as our country is stolen from us. And what about all those fringe elements begging for the 'Rapture' aka 'End of Days' and that all stuff that scares most of us law-abiding gun owners, will they just hand over their guns or go out in a blaze of glory or go deeper underground as they have done in the past and get better organized and educated in asymmetrical warfare, and do something about it, like the kind that where 30,000 insurgents tied down 250,000 plus American servicemen and women in a quagmire. Folks who didn't have access to Home Depots and grocery stores, folks most of us can't sympathise with.

    The idea of taking away guns in this country scares me because there are a lot of people who operate with the menatily 'better use it or lose it' that operates in a very dark scary place. And a lot more folks who are waiting for things to breakdown and I'm finding more and more ordinary 'center-of-the-line' people thinking like that. Anytime some anti speaks I wonder if they about the doors they could be opening, the last straws upon the camel's back, I doubt they do.

    I think about the early twentieth century where the divide between haves and have nots where there were rather incredibly large and various 'Progressive' and socialist movements that had a lot of legitimacy in the time and day they existed. And then the upperclasses created the 'middleclass' who lessened the numbers of the have nots as folks moved from the have not mire of poverty into the have somewhat of not being in poverty. The middles class buffered the haves and have nots, they helped greatly to do away with the legitimacy of those 'Progresive' and socialist groups (I realize in many cases they were the same thing), and the have nots became a small enough of a number to pay no heed. Granted the creation of unions and varous union protecting laws, WWII, an end to child labor, and other various things helped, but it was that creation of the middle class that made that possible.

    To compare it to us RKBA pro-2nd amendment Americans, we are that buffer, though maybe only a virtual buffer between Law Enforcement and criminals, without us the only way to enjoy the 2nd Amendment is to be a criminal in an un-American country or join law enforcement and hope we don't have to leave our guns at our professions stripping of us our God given rights to self-defense (hey if the Dali-Lama backs it, the rest of us can) like what happened with Heller (the petitioner). We are that group that keeps the nation from having to suffer an Un-American government, should there be those who will suffer it without reprisal. A lot of people think things have gone horribly wrong in this country and gotten off track with the ultimate result being a 'breakdown' that is only a matter of when and not if. Could losing the 2nd Amendment hasten that 'breakdown', a time when laws and social mores that exist no longer find grounding in a people frustrated and too greatly abused to abide them any longer and see a new way is needed, a return to the old? Possibly, this is all mere conjecture, our society has become greatly infected with ideals that are considerably not American by some people's opinoins, losing the 2nd Amendment for many might just be another acceptable step into cowardice and sheep mentality. 'Lean forward into the ditch' said a Nazi officer as he fired his pistol.

    The most shocking remard that Veldez-Mitchell said was "yeah our founding fathers thought guns were a good idea, but they also thought slavery was a good idea, we got rid of that, it's time..."
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