FFP elk scope?

Discussion in 'Long Gun Accessories and Optics' started by mainecoon, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. mainecoon

    mainecoon Member

    Feb 25, 2012
    Got a FN Mauser Sporter 30.06 that I want to set up with a scope for that dream elk hunt some day out west. Would like to go with a first focal plane scope. Any recommendations?
  2. dieselchief

    dieselchief Member

    Dec 7, 2016
    I just purchased my first ffp scope with 50 years of shooting under my hat. not sure I like it yet. the concept of reticle substentions not changing with power is cool but field of view changes drastically. still playing with it though. it is a Athlon.
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  3. jmr40

    jmr40 Member

    May 26, 2007
    FFP scopes work best for guys who target shoot and want to be able to use intermediate magnifications at intermediate ranges. Intermediate is 400-500 yards and long range is 1000. For hunting, or true long range use (beyond 1000 yards) SFP is the better option in my opinion. I've only handled one FFP scope, my brother had one, but sold it. I wouldn't want one for hunting.

    If you have a SFP scope with long range dots the values are only accurate when set at the greatest magnifications. FFP will be accurate regardless of the magnification the scope is set on.

    For hunting I don't see this as a disadvantage. Most hunting scopes top out at 9X or 12X. For shooting big game you don't need the other aiming points inside of 300 yards. If shooting past 300 it isn't a handicap to just go to max power. No reason to use anything in between.

    But if you have a rig with 20-25X magnification set up for long range use there could be times where the maximum magnification is too much, and there is a need for something in the mid range. That is where FFP has an advantage.

    FFP scopes of the same quality are much more expensive, and the reticle can be very small and hard to see in low light hunting situations when set on lower magnifications.
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  4. LoonWulf

    LoonWulf Member

    Jul 3, 2010
    I tried a few ffp scopes, none of the realy expensive ones mind, and I decided I just don't realy like them for what I do. For target shooting I think they are pretty cool, especially if your using your reticle to range known size targets.

    If i had to suggest one tho it would probably be a Burris veracity, I've only handled one, but I really liked it. Much more than the pa my brother in law has, and I thought it was better than the swfa two my buddies have.

    I've never handled the Athlon with FFP reticles, but I really like the regular SFP Argos series I have.
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  5. Varminterror

    Varminterror Member

    Jul 17, 2016
    FFP scopes are for guys who don’t shoot fixed, known distances. Any field shooting done at irregular and variable ranges will benefit from a FFP scope.

    Nightforce SHV, Bushnell LRHS or DMR II, Burris XTR II, Sig Tango4 are models I am very happy with.
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  6. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Member

    Jul 26, 2008
    Where Else! TEXAS
    For the best in a FFP hunting optic, look no further than Swarovski.
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  7. Chuck R.

    Chuck R. Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    Leavenworth, KS

    I've got 4 Swarovski's (Benefit to having an Austrian wife) and they're top notch.

    My other FFPs are Vortex and Luepold MK4s that sit on precision rifles.
  8. larueminati

    larueminati Member

    Oct 25, 2017
    I'm a huge advocate for FFP's but they're all heavy, so for a hunting scenario know that it will add weight to your gun.
  9. MCMXI

    MCMXI Member

    Jul 1, 2008
    NW Montana
    I have FFP scopes from Nightforce, Premier Reticles, Leupold and Vortex but none of them are on hunting rifles. My Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm with M5 adjustments isn't heavy at all and would make for a decent hunting scope if the TMR reticle was illuminated. That's the trick for FFP reticles, make sure it's illuminated. I use Zeiss Conquest MC scopes on all my hunting rifles that have the RZ reticles. The only feature they lack that I'd like is an illuminated reticle

    If the Nightforce SHV FFP model had a 40mm objective I'd probably try one of those.

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