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Finally got back to the range!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by malakili, May 17, 2011.

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  1. malakili

    malakili Member

    May 13, 2009
    Well, I hit the range for the first time since my son was born two months ago. I ended up going to the local indoor range (Police Hall of Fame) rather than the outdoor range I usually frequent. I brought my SR9 and Glock 36. Some random thoughts for those who might care:

    The guy next to me had a brand new Diamondback DB380 in stainless. The dang thing was having FTEs every few shots. I'm not impressed.

    I had a malfunction with my Ruger SR9, the first one ever after 1000+ rounds. Racked the slide, fired a shot, then the striker didn't seem to recock for the second round. Removed mag, cleared chamber, disassembled, reassembled, and shot about 150 rds, and the problem didn't reoccur. Strange and irritating!!!

    Rented a Ruger GP100 4" and shot it for the first time. This thing is huge, but is as cool as I thought it would be. Shot beautifully. Great DA trigger, extremely smooth. I want.
    I also rented a Beretta 92F, my first time with that also. Nice and accurate, but the grip is insanely large and the controls seem pointlessly complicated. It's DA, then it's SA, and don't forget to decock. Great for a range gun, but I'd never carry it.

    I ended the day on an ego-pleasing note. 5 shots offhand at 7 yards with my SR9, all the holes touching. Not bad!

    Before I leave, the R.O. muzzle-sweeps me with the rented Beretta after I hand it back to him. Thank you sir.
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