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First AK 47 inspection

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by NFG2888, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. NFG2888

    NFG2888 Member

    Dec 9, 2011
    This will be my first AK and I'm need some help on what to look for. Cabelas has an AK for sale that I believe to be a CAI AK-47 AKMS (Polish under folder). I understand that CAI is not the best AK manufacture out there, so I need help on what to look for and how to get the best AK possible.
  2. docnyt

    docnyt Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    HeArT of DiXiE
    I don't mean to come across as abrasive, but your question has to be one of the most asked on any gun website. If you haven't searched here already, I suggest you do so. A lot depends on how much you're willing to spend, and what use you want it for.
  3. JHenry

    JHenry Member

    Oct 4, 2011
    Montgomery Al
    Tons of stuff out there on this topic, but a basic run-down of what to avoid would be

    1. The WASR(for me anyway, some people love them)
    2. chrome lined barrel(a must if your shooting corrosive stuff)
    3. chrome lined bolt carrier(not really neccesary but they sure do look nice)
    4. rust(a little around the screws might be had but anything excessive should be passed on)
    5. country of origin(saiga converts, bulgarian, hungarian, chinese, and egypthian are usually regarded as the better manufacters in the ak world)
    6. Fit and finish(pop the dust cover off and give it a look over, shake it around a bit and see if anythings excessivly loose, make sure mags fit nicely[not too tight or loose], and just make sure the parkerization or other finish isnt just beat to hell)

    Prices range vastly from $350-400 for the WASR to $1500 for the SA-M7, so pricing can be difficult but a polish underfolder from CAI should be around $500 with a little wiggle room. at Cabelas ill guess they charging around $550-$600
  4. Adam123

    Adam123 Member

    Nov 15, 2010
    The CAI Polish AKMS rifles are very nice. They have a nice fit/finish, shoot well, and hold up to use. If you pay more than $500.00 for one, you are getting ripped. Shop around.
  5. mmitch

    mmitch Member

    Dec 26, 2010
    CAI is an importer, not, to my knowledge, a manufacturer.
    To answer your question, avoid rifles that have had the single stack mag receiver "modified" to accept double stack mags.
    Avoid rifles with canted front sights.
    Avoid rifles that will not cycle smoothly.

  6. 6x6pinz

    6x6pinz Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    I believe the respondents are missing the point. It sounds as if he already has his eye on one.

    Yes there is a lot of information on this and other boards about AK's, too much opinion and not enough fact.

    Basically if the sights are on straight, the furniture is tight, the bore is in good condition, the top cover is tight and the internals don't have any really bad rough spots it will shoot fine. This is very basic but it will get you a good platform.
  7. BTR

    BTR Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    They manufacture guns as well (or subcontract it out, possibly).
  8. BSA1

    BSA1 Member

    Apr 20, 2011
    West of the Big Muddy, East of the Rockies and Nor
    Buying any used gun without being able to shoot it first is a bit of a crap shoot. I would consider the reputation of the dealer selling the gun. Cabela's is a big company that has been around for a long time. Ask them what kind of warranty they put on the gun.
  9. RobGR

    RobGR Member

    May 8, 2011
    Oceanside, CA
    Good point on Cabela's guarantee or return/refund policy. CAI is notorious for tricky customer service and response.

    As far as inspecting it, you want to look at the receiver, the rivets, check out the folder and make sure it locks up well and doesn't have a lot of wiggle (there will be some), feel the wood furniture, is it on snug. Look for rust, although there will probably be some cosmoline on it, so wipe it off to see if teh orange guck is actually rust. Rack the bolt carrier to make sure it glides on the rails, do not ride or guide the bolt carrier when you rack it, pull it back and let it go, an AK is meant to be treated rough. You're going to look for canted sights, making sure they aren't canted. Some people freak out when they have to adjust their front sights a little to the left or right when zeroing, which is absurd, but if you end up adjusting all the way to either side and still not able to hit paper at 50 yrds, then there's a problem. Obviously. If you can pop off the dust cover and inspect the internals, do it. If you aren't familiar with a basic field strip, ask them to do it, make sure they pull out the recoil spring and bolt, just look it over, take your time. If the person helping you is a d-bag, they can go stuff themselves. Any good gun store will take the time to help their customers and at least teach them how to do a field strip and what to look for.

    And here's a vid.


    And another.

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