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First time with Ground Hogs

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by rc109a, May 31, 2009.

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  1. rc109a

    rc109a Member

    Nov 12, 2006
    Tidewater, VA
    While working several days ago I got asked by a farmer if I wanted to do some hunting for varmints. Of course I jumped on it. The only catch was I only have 3 months to hunt. He has over 150 acres. The ground hogs are hurting his livestock and making farming a pain. He removed all the livestock from this farm to another so he could replace all the fencing and said to have at it.

    Since I never hunted ground hogs I am just playing by ear. I am still trying to find out when the best time to hunt is.

    The first day I went out after lunch and shot one at 230yrds. My buddy got one at 145yds.

    The second day went out in the morning and shot one at 165yds as it was sunning on a log. Later as I was walking around one jumped up in front of me and I shot it with my Ruger Single Six at 20 yds. That was the first time I thought of shooting one with a pistol. I was not that impressed since I had to shot it twice (I know shot placement, but it was running and a snap shot)

    Well today I decided to try it after 4pm. We were driving around and one popped up at 200yds. I hit it and decided to walk up and check out the damage. I grabbed my 10/22 and started walking. As I got closer I spotted movement to my right and there was another about 30yrds away. He was way to close for my scope so I used the iron sights and dropped him. We went back to the truck and I was showing my buddy my S&W 41mag and he wanted to shoot it. So we walked to the tailgate and I noticed a ground hog burrow a few feet away. My jaw dropped when a hog popped up less then 10ft away. Needless to say the 41 got its first hog. My buddy looked at me and said "Looks like you got yourself a Trifecta".:neener: Never thought of it like that...

    I just thought I would share this story with you. If you have any ideas of the best time to hunt or anything that might help, please let me know...Thanks :)
  2. peetee32

    peetee32 Member

    Oct 13, 2007
    sounds amazing. getting to put all those types of weapons and calibers to the test. don't forget the 12ga next time though! what rifles were you using on the long range shots? (230, 145, 165)

    would love to see some pics!!!

    oh...can i come next time?
  3. TeamRush

    TeamRush member

    Apr 19, 2009
    We are ground hog crazy around here,
    Ground hogs and Coyotes are my past time much of the time.
    I've nailed them from (like you) 20 feet out to 525 yards, and I might only get one a day, or I might get 10 or more a day.

    Some 40 years ago when I was a 'Kid', .22 LR shells were about 1¢ apice, and the going rate was $1 to $5 for each hog, so it was PROFITABLE for a really young kid to go out and smack 3 or 4 a day (on average, some stalking involved with a .22 LR)...

    Plus, if you were quick, you could hang them on one farmers fence, get paid, and hang the same hog on another farmers fence and get paid again!
    (that was for the cheap guys that only paid $1 a hog)

    And just in case you don't know, spring hogs are GOOD EATING if you don't tear them up too much!
    One of my favorite meals is to flour, brown the hog in a pan or electric skillet, and then to put it in a pressure cooker and cook it.
    GREAT TASTING, and not 'Boring' meat like gnawing on the leftovers of some 1,000 year old milk cow that died of old age!

    One thing we used to do when we found fields that were lousy with them,
    Park a hay wagon with shooting tables on them out there about 2 or 3 days before you intend to go hunting,
    And use something to cover in the front of the tables, like hay bales or just cloth material.

    Gets them used to the idea of something moving over that way, and they don't pay the hay wagon any mind after a few days...

    hay wagon gives you about 3' of elevation over the field before the table,
    And the tables give you plenty of room for coolers, rests, extra ammo, 'Beverage' ;) , and you can hold out there all day and plink away at them!

    Personally, I like a .222 or .223, but some guys get 'Exotic'.
    Lots of .22-250, .17-06, .25-06, stuff like that,
    Even some stuff like 6mm and 7mm rifles out there!

    Now I'm seeing several Ruger .204 rifles that seem to be ground hog banging machines!

    I've been messing with a new .17 HMR that I'm going to try before the summer is over (I don't get out that way much anymore)....
    And I have a Ruger M-77 MkII in .223 that is pretty good for eliminating those pesky fat field rats!

    And if you like Ground Hogs, then wait until the Prairie Dogs get to frustrate the crap out of you!
    Prairie Dogs are an ADDICTION!
  4. armslist

    armslist Member

    Feb 2, 2009
    Wow, that sounds like fun, I wish I had a setup like that near me.
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