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FL:Cheap Guns Opportunity in Miramar, April 20th, 2013

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dean Weingarten, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Dean Weingarten

    Dean Weingarten Member

    Sep 15, 2012
    A gun turn in event in Miramar, Florida delivers an opportunity for Second Amendment activists to obtain some nice guns for little money. Their actions would also create a media event to protect Second Amendment Rights.

    The event will be held at ChristWay Baptist Church, 3800 S. Douglas Road on April 20th, a Saturday. These events are political theater, designed to delegitimize gun ownership and armed citizens.

    Across the country, freedom fighters are showing up at these events, and offering cash for the better specimens. This should be welcomed by event organizers, if their purpose is to "get guns off the streets". This is because such activity stretches the turn in dollars, prevents poor widows from being defrauded of their valuable property for a pittance, and places guns that are not wanted in responsible hands.

    Private sales are perfectly legal in Florida, as they are in most states.

    There appears to be only $5,000 dollars available for this event, so there could be excellent opportunity to obtain items after the money runs out. They are offering up to $200 dollars per item, but I suspect much less for most.

    It appears that this event is trying to prevent private sales by insisting that the firearms be kept in car trunks and that the owners stay in the car until an officer takes the firearms out of the trunk.

    Local information would be appreciated, as these events are often held in poor neighborhoods.

    No money is being offered for pellet guns. There are expensive pellet guns out there, it is possible one might show up.

    Here are numerous links showing private individuals purchasing guns at numerous events across the country:

    NM:More than 300 guns sold at sheriff buy back event(and private sales!)

    PA:Gun Buyback Met With Competition In Bensalem.

    Outside, a group of gun advocates set up a table offering a better price to people carrying high-quality weapons.

    Second Gun Buyback Nets 42 Weapons

    Also in front of the church were people offering to buy the guns off of people before they reached the buyback event.


    NM: City’s gun buy-back program nets hundreds of weapons

    Outside the police station, a group of four or five men gathered to offer cash to people who were bringing guns in.

    Gun buyback in Cincinnati collects 135 weapons

    The Cincinnati Enquirer (http://cin.ci/W41mWY ) reports that a federally licensed gun dealer showed up to provide some competition. He bought a dozen weapons for $40 to $100 by standing outside the church with a sign that read “Cash 4 Guns.”

    Several good deals made at Lansing Gun Turn in

    MI:100+ Guns Turned in for Gun Buyback

    Just outside where the buyback program was being held pro gun activists were offering cash for guns.

    NM:police harass legal buyers at Santa Fe Gun Turn In

    Seattle has gun Turn in, Private buyers save guns

    Tucson Gun Turn in - First Hand Account

    AZ:Former Senator Offers Better Alternative to Gun Turn In

    A Reader Reports from the Hartford CT Gun Buyback

    Cleveland Gun Buyback Program Attracts Buyers Offering Cash for Guns (VIDEO) (OH)

    The Detroit PD Doesn’t Like Competition(MI)

    Gun-buying enthusiasts crash firearms ‘turn-in’ event at Memorial Coliseum(OR)

    ©2013 by Dean Weingarten Permission to share granted as long as this notice is included.

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