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FN SCAR 16s first time out (pics + vid)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by srv656s, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. srv656s

    srv656s Member

    Apr 12, 2004
    Kansas City, MO

    Took my FN SCAR out to the range this past week and thought I'd post my initial thoughts. The weather's been cold lately and we had a half decent day so I took advantage. It was super windy, which probably didn't affect the bullets at the ranges I was shooting, but it made good shooting more difficult. I was getting blown around quite a bit between shots, you can really hear the wind in the video...


    I was very happy with the rifle and it was fun to shoot. The recoil is pretty mild, even for a 5.56x45. I found it pretty easy to zero the iron sights and Aimpoint and although I wasn't doing my best shooting that day, I was pleased with the accuracy. Most shooting was done at 50 yards to zero the rifle and a few shots at 100 to make sure it was hitting where I expected. Did a bit of shooting from different positions too, although only got videos of shooting off the bench while I was zeroing the optics.


    Shooting unsuppressed, the rifle handled well and was pretty loud with the muzzlebrake. When I put the suppressor on, I was pretty surprised at the shift in POI. It was quite a bit low compared to unsuppressed. I'm not sure how much I'll shoot the gun suppressed since it has such a POI shift and because it makes the gun a bit heavier and more front heavy. Also pretty darn long. I thought about cutting the bbl down, but don't know if I'm going to mess with it. The suppressor's actually for .30 cal, it's an AAC 762SD can. No issues shooting with the can on it, I pulled the plugs out when I shot with the can and it sounded about like a .22 LR unsuppressed with the ammo I was shooting. It might not quite be ear safe, but it wasn't too loud at all. I still haven't cleaned the rifle since I got home, but you could tell the brass was quite a bit dirtier after shooting suppressed.


    Overall, I loved the gun. It handled nicely, shot pretty accurately, and I had no malfunctions, which was most important to me. I had one failure to feed after shooting suppressed. I left the gas regulating lever in the "Suppressed" setting and it didn't cycle the action. I figure that didn't count since it was my fault.

    I put together a quick video with the unsuppressed and suppressed shooting side by side. Not a great video, and the audio doesn't capture the real difference in sound, but I figured I'd share.


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