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For all you Glocketeers

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jsalcedo, Mar 10, 2004.

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  1. jsalcedo

    jsalcedo Member

    Dec 31, 2002

    G-Lock: (gangster slang) 1) A Glock Pistol and 2) the act of firing a Glock. (yngwie)

    Glocketeer: A person who carries, owns, or admirers the Glock pistol. (KFlood6222)

    Glockerize: Take someone who has never shot a Glock to the shooting range and let them shoot your Glock. After that they must have one! (User851544)

    Glock Stealth: To Carry a Glock Concealed. (cewall)

    A Chip Off The Old Glock: Any of the Glock mini-guns or compacts. (dwestfal)

    Glock Lobster: Song from the 80's done by the Roll group, the B-52's. (fdny)

    Tupper-Ware Warrior: Someone armed with a Glock. (UOPHock)

    Speed Unload: The tendancy of Glocks to lose their mag floor plate when dropped, and to unload their rounds into the dirt. (UOPHock)

    1. Glock-eyed: The look on one's face when they realize they're looking at the business-end of a Glock. (ajoe)

    2. Glock-eyed: The look on one's face when they realize that the gift or package they just opened contains their new Glock. (This is, of course, the prefered definition - ajoe)

    Glockeyed: One so obessessed with the use of Glocks as to be considered a tad-bit "off center." (limayo)

    Glocking Tall: The confident feeling of entering a dark alley (or other dangerous area) when you are packing a Glock. (emurphy)

    As a police officer, one of my favorite phrases when talking about firing on a bad guy is to "Glockerize" them. Hope you like it. Always gets a laugh at the P.D. (kornhauser)

    Glockabulary: Glock phraseology (emurphy)

    "It was a Glock moment": A Glock moment is defined as when you're REALLY glad you've got yours. (gespivey)

    Bombastic Plastic: Any Glock model handgun. (m970792)

    "Speak softly and carry a Glock": (This should be our national policy). (m970792)

    Glockwork: A reference to the unfailing reliability with which Glock pistols operate, i.e., "It runs like "Glockwork." (deeter)

    Polymer Gold: High capacity mags (cost of mags after the "Brady Bill" $$$). (martin)

    Glocktologist: A person who is #1 in working on Glocks. (martin)

    Glock Itch: Trigger-happy Glock owner (Watch it, pal! He's got - "The Glock Itch." (martin)

    Glockter Pepper: The official beverage of Glocksters. "I'm a Glocker. You're a Glocker. He's a Glocker. She's a Glocker. Wouldn't you like to be a Glocker too!?" (psycomik)

    Hard Glock Cafe: Where all the Glocksters hangout! (gmacdo1)

    Hard Glock Cafe: (This is also the real name of a Glock accessory supplier in Florida - gwteam).

    Glockamol'e: Receipient of a glocking. (russell)

    Glock n' Roll: Firing a Glock while seeking cover. (russell)

    Stop Glock and Roll: The answer to America's carjacking problem. (russell)

    Glocktoberfest: Testing your favorite expansion ammo on pumpkins, gourds, or other fall vegetables that explode rather spectacularly. (qh)

    UnGlock-like: When a Glock malfunctions/jams. (pallen)

    GlockZon: The area in front of a GLOCK! (pallen)

    Glocks 'R' Us: Group of Glockaholics. (sniper187)

    Locked, Cocked and ready to Glock: A ready loaded Glock pistol. (sniper187)

    Peek-a-Boo Glock: Concealed Glock (legally, of course!). (sniper187)

    Phantom of the Glock: Sniper with a back-up Glock pistol. (sniper187)

    Virtual Glock: Glock pistol at point blank range. (sniper187)

    360 Degress Glock: Glock owner's presence of mind. (sniper187)


    Glocknabbed: What happens to a 'perp' who is caught in the act of committing a crime by a peace officer who is pointing a Glock at him or her (from antha123).

    Glocksicle: Glock on a stick (from 102631.2520).

    Glock Zone: The two meter area where a glock ejects your brass (from Pallen).

    Glock'em all and let God sort'em out!: (from blaster).

    1. Glockmiser: a glock gun collector;
    2. Glockphobia: What bad guys and uninformed people have glocktown, U.S.A.- Smyrna, Ga.;
    3. Glocksburg: Deutsch-wagram, austria;
    4. Austrian Express Card: A Glock,don't leave home with out it!";
    5. Glockectomy: What a bad guy gets if he threatens a glock owner.;
    6. Glockologist: An instructor or engineer at Glock Inc. (from bosenko).

    1. Goldy Glocks: A blond-haired Glock carrier;
    2. Glockjawed: A condition of serious concentration while aiming a Glock where the jaws become firmly closed;
    3. Glockate: To locate a target with a Glock;
    4. Glockation: Location of a Glock targetted object;
    5. Glockup: A jail for crooks busted by Glocksters and/or patroled by Glock carrying guards;
    6. Glockout: The shutdown of a plant via Glock carriers to bring the workers to terms;
    7. Glockose: Any item that "sweetens" a Glock situation;
    8. Glocular: Joking about Glocks;
    9. Glocko: Crazy about Glocks.

    Glockcoma: Condition of person after being shot with a Glock (from carelli).

    1. Glockhead: A Glock nut. Someone who has nothing but "Glock" on the brain! (It's also what my Husband calls me!)
    2. Lethal Tupperware: Another name for a Glock pistol.
    3. Glock Banger: Gang Banger with a Glock.
    4. Glockasize: The act of screwing a Glock into the ear of someone who doesn't want to "go peacefully!"
    5. Glockasized: As in - "Golly, I've just been "Glockasized"!
    6. Glock-by: The act of driving by your "enemy's (sp?) house, and yelling - "GLOCK! GLOCK! GLOCK!" (Also know as "Drive-by Glocking"!)
    7. Glock Condom: Rubber grip that slides over a Glock's grip (See also "Glock Sock")
    8. Make it Glock: What Capt. Picard from "Star Trek-Next Gen." would say when the "Holodeck computer" asks him, "What kind of weapon Sir"?
    9. "De Glock! De Glock": What "Tattoo" from "Fantasy Island" yells when he sees a Glock instead of an airplane!
    10. Glock Dent: Indentation left by the firing pin after a round is fired from a Glock.
    11. Glock Heaven: State of mind for "Glocksters"! (Kind of where I'am when I'm parusing your (GlockWorld) pages!! (from PFBDW).

    Glockanroll: Having a good time with your Glock (from dober)

    Glockcoma: The (usually terminal) disease a person contracts after being fired upon. Our term at work for a person unfortunate enough to receive the gifts of a Glock send at high speed (from acolon)

    Combat Tupperware: A Glock carried on-duty.

    Glock and Load : A ready for action Glocketeer. (from ejoaquin)

    Glock a doodle doo:To wake with a Glock at the bedside.(from Bridge 357)

    Glock Bite - What happens in every transition class from revolver to auto pistol. When the slide comes back and BITES the shooters hand (from tabrook)


    Glocknabbed: What happens to a 'perp' who is caught in the act of committing a crime by a peace officer who is pointing a Glock at him or her.
    Tenifer Envy: A condition that other pistols suffer from.
    Inglocksicated: The feeling you get when on the firing line with your glock. (Michaelk@primenet.com)

    Betty Glocker: A distant relative of Gaston, who enjoys cooking. (Mike from public.station@email.csun.edu ) The Three Glocketeers: A three man team in a GSSF Competition. (psycomik@smartlink.net) Glock and Load: The command given at matches before the shooter engages the targets. (kevinjones@worlnet.att.net)

    Punching the Glock: Ritually taking your Glock with you in the morning. Glock Strap: An inside the pants holster for a Glock; 2) A ThunderWare holster used to carry a Glock Glock Glock: Who's there? Someone about to bust down your door carrying a glock. (UOPHock@aol.com)

    The Anti-Glock: 1) Any person that has a weak grip and causes their Glock to jam. 2) Any 1911 fanatic. (M21 Glock@Aol.com )

    Glocktologist: One who shoots a felon in the ass with his Glock. (Clark_Jordan-U1179@email.mot.com)

    Glockitis: Condition which results from carrying a Glock in a IWB holster with a beer gut. (ed-cooke.matt-miller@worldnet.att.net)

    Glock-Shocked: The condition a person is in after they have received a slug at high speed to any part of their body. (Lowride916@aol.com)

    Glockaholic: A person who can not resist, buying,shooting, or owning GLOCK firearms, or other GLOCK related stuff, often these people are addicted to the "GLOCK" and every other word is Glock-something, or something-GLOCK. (varealtr@erols.com)

    Lotto Glock: My experience at the GSSF matches at winning a glock. (Dnkay@aol.com)

    Glockenheimmer: A smart ass who needs glockasized. (TheMarko@aol.com)

    Glockigator: Someone who instigates an argument with a glockster. Or, a Glock owner who lives in Florida.
    Glockalicious: That wonderful feeling you get every time you pull the trigger on your Glock. Or, the name of a store that sells chocolate Glocks.
    Glockabye: The soothing music of a Glock firing, chambering the next round and firing again--over and over.
    Glock-around-the-clock: A *right to carry* permit for you*re favorite Glock (Okay, Technically I guess you could Glock-around-the-clock without the permit).
    Count Glockula: A dark and scary Glock owner who wanders the streets at night muttering ... 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ten! TEN! Round magazines.
    Hydra-glocked: Someone who has been glockerized with Federal's self-defense ammo.
    Glock-like: To be as perfect as a Glock, or, in the likeness of perfection.
    Glock-a-Saurus-Rex: A glock gun collector's most prized glock (model varies).
    A Chip off the old Glock: The Glock Models 26 & 27.
    Glockommunist: One who lives in Russia and packs plastic (a Glock that is...).
    Glock-en-speil: The story you tell your wife after spending big bucks on your Glock.
    Plastic Persuader: What Else? The world's first and best polymer frame handgun suitable for and personal defense!
    Tactical Tupperware: Any Glock when you need it.
    Dealing with a full deck: An older term now used for carrying a round in the chamber, a full 17 round magazine in the pistol and two spare 17 round magazines, 52 rounds ie a full deck.
    Glockgasm: The euphoric feeling one experiences on the 29th round from a 33 round magazine in the Glock 18.
    Glockamole: The remains, as a result of a good four second Glockgasm.
    Plastic kills: Glock
    Cocked & Glocked: The condition of having a loaded Glock at the ready.
    Under Glock & Key: Protected by a dude with a Glock.
    Glocksmith: Glock armorer.
    Glock Party: A bunch of neighbors getting together to shoot Glocks.
    Glocktized: If you got your cap snapped back by a cat carrying a gat of austrian decent... You were Glocktized!
    Glockwork Orange: A Florida orange with a 9mm hole where the "Sunkist" sticker use to be.
    Glockenspiel: What a Glock salesman uses to pitch a sale to a S&W owner.
    (Sniper187 - You're our winner again, so please email us.)

    1. Show me the "Glock!: A stupid "silent" expression that a robber says when he is mugging a glock owner and the glock owner is point blank in his face;
    2. Glock-Zilla: Glock pistol on steroids - .45,
    3. Glock Green-Card: Concealed Weapons Permit.BR> 4. k c o l G: A person who doesn't know how to handle a glock.
    5. Glock, duck & cover: Means to return fire, haul ass and pray.
    6. Glock-terectomy: A procedure for a bad guy when he is "knee deep to his butt" with Glocks pointed at him.
    7. "Is that your Glock or are you just happy to see me?" Something your wife/ or girlfriend would say when you come home from duty.
    8. Tyrano-Glock: Glock firing Black Talons or Rhinos!
    9. UGA: United Glocks of America.
    10. Glock Impotence: When a round misfires in chamber.
    To get one's Glock cleaned: To be out shot by a fellow Glockster.
    Glock Control: A steady hand, holding a GLOCK of course!
    Glockmark/Pockmark: That which is visible on a perpetrator after being Glocked.
    Glockinator: A glock user who knows how to take care of business.
    Glockinated: A bad guy who met the business end of a glock.
    Glock-around-the-clock: The act of wearing a Glock all the time.
    Glockometer: The act of comparing glocks.
    "We're gonna have a Glock time tonight": What Glock users sing before a shooting match.
    Glocked down in flames: When a Glock user gets rejected.
    The Glockanator (as in the "Terminator")
    Glock-o-rama Glockfest: As in, "Let's go to Glockfest '97.
    Glockalike: The other polymer pistols.
    Drastic Plastic: A Glock brought out to resolve a close interpersonal confrontation.
    Glack: Blackish color of a Glock ("You can get one in any color as long as it's Glack").


    To GLOCK or not to GLOCK: That is the question: Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of an inferior weapon, Or to assail against that sea of troubles, And by GLOCKING end them? (Mark_Clonts@ccm.ch.intel.com)

    Glockjoc = A Glock shooting enthusiast. (martin@hitter.net)

    glockally challenged = Forgot his glock at home. (Pisces1954@aol.com)

    glocktagious = When you buy a GLOCK and all your friends follow along. (cantc@ptd.net)

    GLOCKCOMA = A condition afflicted upon fleeing felons, the symptoms include the loss of the ability to breath (forever). (rtba@wtp.net)

    Glockbotomy = The result of one of those classic center of the forehead shots. (go4guns@aol.com)

    GLOCKTOMETRIST = Person who works on GLOCK pistol sights. (furreal@aol.com)

    EGLOCTIC = A form of expression in decoration of one's office or room using different models of Glocks. (RMeyer@aol.com)

    GLOCKOSIZE = A 30 to 40 minute work out at the gun range with my Glock. (RMeyer@aol.com)

    GLOCKENSTEIN = A customized .45. (furreal@aol.com)

    glockoma = What a suspect will be happy to be in if he lives. (martin@hitter.net)

    Glockadile = A glock handgun with marine striker sleves. (martin@hitter.net)

    Glocktail = A beer. (martin@hitter.net)

    Glock-o-rama = A G.S.S.f. match. (martin@hitter.net)

    Fall in Glock = What happens when you see a Glock the first time!!! (jose_rojo@protokol.com)

    Born to Glock = What we do!!! (jose_rojo@protokol.com)

    Glockarena = The ceremonial dance performed by a Glock owner after an exceptionally good shot. (duscha@pacinfo.com)

    Glock-a-teer = Gang-banger who packs a Glock. (duscha@pacinfo.com)

    What time is it? Better check the GLOCK = Keyword used to let your packin' partner know you smell something fishy about. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glick, Glack goes the Glock = ound heard as you practice your double tapping. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glock-o-ma = That big orange dot you get in the center of your vision when you go out to check your night sights and forget about the fireball. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glockin' around the clock = CCW dreams! (Glacked@aol.com)

    Rockin' around the Glock = Expert on the range. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glock and Roll = The mad dash for cover as one draws. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glock climbing = The art of buying a new Glock every time a new one comes out. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glock-o-rama = Showing everyone that comes over all your Glock stuff. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glock me = Begging a buddy at the range to let you try his Glock out. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glockerella = A beautiful woman with a Glock. (Glacked@aol.com)

    Glock Jocks = Me, you, them. (Glacked@aol.com)

    GLOCKJAW = Shooting a bad guy in the head with your Glock. (ezoutes@gte.net)


    1) GLOCK and LOAD: Putting a fully loaded magazine in your GLOCK and have 1 in the chamber; 2) GLOCKMAS: International holiday in honor of Gaston Glock's birthday; 3) GLOCKTOBER: New name for month of October; 4) UNGLOCKABLE: Indistructible; 5) GLOCKER: Place where you store your GLOCK; 6) MOCK-A-GLOCK: S&W Sigma (mdavis@mrmicro.net).

    1) GLOCKSTERS: A group of Glock-toters; 2) GLOCKSTER: One Glock-toter out of a group Glocksore or A Glock that hasn't been taken care of, Glock in bad condition; 3) GLOCKAPHOBIA: A condition in which a person fears the awesome power of a Glock; 4) GLOCKAMATIC: A Glock M18; 5) GLOCKDOM: The ambiance one feels when carrying or holding a Glock; 6) GLOCKDAMONIUM: A large gathering of people shooting Glocks; 7) GLOCKAM: A Glocktropolis where the Glockman fights the evil Sigmaniacs with his Glockamatic and instills Glockaphobia in each one of them; 8) GLINKS: Glock Links (dk@jayhawk.uscg.net)

    1) "A Glock in time saves nine;" 2) News headline after a well prepared = "Glockster" (One who uses the right tool for the right job!) saves a = crowd of people from a gun toting bad guy! (Unknown)

    1) GLOCK JAW: Expression on the unintiated's face when they see how well your Glock shoots; 2) GLOCK UP: a) The last thing you do before turning in the the evening and b) To get ready for the range; 3) GLOCKAMOTIVES(s): a) Concealed carry in your car and b) The reasons why you bought a Glock.(TTOMP@prodigy.net).

    GLOCKKENHEIMERS DISEASE (n): A progressive medical condition characterized by not being able to remember why you ever owned any other kind of pistol. (kspruiell@anchorpackaging.com).

    GLOCKEROO: An Australian Glockster! (christopher.vaz@rmit.edu.au)

    GLOCK FU: The ancient martial-art of Glock use. (CHAOSREXX@aol.com)

    1) GLOCKENSPIEL: The way a Glockjoc goes ON and ON about his favorite model of Glock; 2) GLOCKSMITH: An individual trained as a Glock Armorer (and has one of those nifty black Glock logo hats (GLK2240@AOL.COM)

    GLOCK-LOCKED: That classic stance that you assume with your glock, usually accompanied by "Show me your hands, DON'T MOVE!" (Jim)

    1) GLOCKSHOCK: An assailant's expression when facing the business end of a Glock; 2) SHOCKGLOCK: The act of inducing Glockshock.

    1) GLOCK-A-BYE-BABY: What happens to the criminal who just attacked the officer(or citizen!) who carries a Glock; 2) GLOCKKNOCKER: Somebody who hates all Glocks because "...but it's plastic, man! " but more likely because they never shot one; 3) GLOCKERROOM: The armorers office at the local P.D. or any room, shed, barn, etc. near a GSSF event; 4) GLOCKERWARE: High capacity Polymer storage and feeding devices for your "Combat Tupperware" (jason.bell@unisys.com)

    GLOCKSUCKER: Garanteed suicide (spf@pannier.com)

    GOLOCKZILLA: A fictional gun which size is estimated to be comparable to a Glock 9 billion and its magazine so large it can hold 3 million 9mm rounds (punkskahd@aol.com)

    TUPPERWARE GUN: GLOCK (Sachem100@aol.com)

    GLOCKSUCKER: Someone who pisses off a Glock owner (LukeCross@aol.com)

    GLOCKEGNUGEN: The experience of shooting a fine firearm. (ddmd91695@juno.com)

    GLOCKAMOLE \glok-uh-'mo-le\ noun: What remains of a glockster's target after the slide locks back. (TPH1911@aol.com)

    1) GLOCK ROCK: What happens when a Glock kicks back after a shot by an inexperienced user; 2) GLOCKED and LOADED: A person with their Glock out, saftey off, and ready to fire a round with it trained on a target; 3) GLOCK TALK: What you're reading (glock expressions); 4) Clippin' it: Over obsessive firing, resulting in many used magazines; 5) GLOCK STOCK Handle of a Glock; 6) GLOCK MOCK: Smith and Wesson handgun; 7) GLOCK SHOCK: What you feel when you get nailed by a Glock round; 8) GLOCK DOCK: Where you put firearms when required to be left at the door (capt@hhs.net@hhs.net)

    1) GLOCKSTOP: The wall behind the bullseye; 2) GLOCKROCK: # 1 in the music charts; 3) GLOCKENHOCK: Nonexistent, see SigmaenPawnShop (mebefishin@aol.com)

    GLOCK ON STEROIDS: HK USP (Sachem100@aol.com)

    1) GLOCKERSIZE: To give your Glock a work out; 2) GLOCKAFILE: To have a fetish for mini Glocks; 3) GLOCK, GLOCK!: Who's there? Hollow point ! Hollow point who? Hollow point at ya if you don't get on the ground!; 4) YODAGLOCK: May the Glock be with you. (DRAWNDWN@aol.com).

    GLOCKCOMA: This is the condition the law inforcement officer (while using his Glock) left the felon because he refused to give up during a holdup attempt! (mwp.home@erols.com)
  2. glockten

    glockten Member

    Dec 27, 2002
  3. Preacherman

    Preacherman Member

    Dec 20, 2002
    Louisiana, USA
    OK, I glock - er, I mean, grok... :D
  4. Black Majik

    Black Majik Member

    Sep 13, 2003
    Orange County, California
    LOL... pretty entertaining read.

    They forgot one though:

    Glock Rolemodel: The 1911 that the Glock one day hopes to become

  5. TBeck

    TBeck Member

    Feb 22, 2004
    Glock Hand: The injuries caused after a large-caliber Glock blows apart in the shooters hand; usually attributable to shooting poorly reloaded or unjacketed ammunition against Glock's explicit advice, but not always.


    Glock 21 kB!
  6. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Maricopa, AZ
    Pretty funny, and a long list! :D
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