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From Maryland AR 15 Shooters: SB 288 Vote Today

Discussion in 'Legal' started by echo3mike, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. echo3mike

    echo3mike Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Some tranisitional phase my therapist keeps talkin
    Update From John:
    Committee to vote on SB 288 TODAY.

    Time for psyops:

    Bill won't get out of committee as written. Off the record, Frosh admitted that to a reporter the day they did the press conference.

    Giannetti won't vote for bill as written.

    Giannetti to offer compromise to get it to Senate floor.

    Call Giannetti 410-841-3141 / 301/858-3414

    Call Garagiola 410-841-3169 /301-858-3169

    Give phony name, your dog, cousin etc. whatever

    Raise total rabid outraged liberal gun hating hell that Giannetti is going to offer an amendment to weaken bill. We DON'T WANT A COMPROMISE.

    If we can kill or forstall the amendment we can win in committee.
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