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(FW: SRA - Symantec's Secret SINISTER Anti-GunRights (??????)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by WAGCEVP, Jul 23, 2003.

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    WAGCEVP Member

    May 26, 2003
    (FW: SRA - Symantec's Secret SINISTER Anti-GunRights (??????)

    can anyone confirm (or deny) this?

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Gun Owners of New Jersey" <gunownersnj@comcast.net>
    To: "GONJ-V" <gunownersnj@comcast.net>
    Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 11:16 AM
    Subject: Boycott Symantec (FW: SRA - Symantec's Secret SINISTER Anti-GunRights Filter...?)?

    (Unconfirmed by GONJ)

    From: Brad3000 <brad3000@ix.netcom.com>
    Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 23:48:17 -0400
    To: BRADTEST <brad3000@ix.netcom.com>
    Subject: SRA - Symantec's Secret SINISTER Anti-Gun Rights Filter...?

    FYI - Unconfirmed but if anyone has this software - try it.
    Very insideous little feature... (via gunsafe.org)

    Subject: letter to Symantec
    Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 22:03:40 -0400


    World Headquarters
    Symantec Corporation
    20330 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014
    tel +1 408 517 8000

    Dear Sir / Madame:

    I have recently purchased and installed on my home computer your product _
    ³Internet Security², which includes firewall with parental controls allow-
    ing to block unwanted websites, containing pornography, violence, and
    other material inappropriate for children. This program also periodically
    downloads from your firm an updated list of blocked web sites.

    As probably most of the users, I installed it and used it for a while in
    it¹s Odefault¹ configuration. It took me a while before I¹ve got to the
    list of the blocked categories of websites and examined it. Even then, it
    was not be immediately obvious to me what the ³weapons² category means.

    Here is the an incomplete list of the web sites blocked under this category:

    http://www.keepandbeararms.com _ a web site with political news devoted to
    right to keep and bear arms;

    http://www.concealcarry.org/ Concealed Carry of Illinois, Inc.
    http://www.wagc.com/ Women against gun control
    http://nra.org/ NRA
    http://www.nraila.org/ -- NRA¹s institute for legislative action
    http://www.saf.org/ Second Amendment Foundation
    http://www.tsra.com/LottPage.htm Prof. John Lott¹s page.
    http://www.gunowners.org/ -- Gun Owners of America
    http://gunsafe.org/ We are the "Quiet Majority" of Connecticut firearms
    http://www.jpfo.org/links.htm Jews for preservation of firearm ownership.
    http://www.nfa.ca/ -- National Firearms Assoc. (Canada)
    http://www.mcrgo.org/ Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
    http://www.goal.org/ Gun owners action league
    http://www.io.com/~velte/pt.htm Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
    http://www.isra.org/ Illinois state rifle assoc.
    http://www.mothersarms.org Mother¹s Arms
    http://www.gosc.org/ Gun owners of S. Carolina
    http://www.kc3.com/ -- Kentucky coalition to carry concealed.
    http://www.ccrkba.org/ Citizens committee Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    http://www.guncite.com _ facts and quotes about gun control.
    http://licgweb.dos.state.fl.us/weapons/index.html : FL Department of State¹s
    website with info about concealed carry statues.

    http://www.bfpe.state.ct.us -- CT state board of firearm permit examiners.

    Despite being characterized as ³weapons², most of the websites do not
    contain any depiction or discussion of any firearms, and fully devoted to
    politics of Second Amendment, right of the citizen to self-defense, study of
    crime statistics, etc., and some of them are actually (the last two in the
    list above) the official web sites of state agencies and law enforcement!

    The Second Amendment Foundation is devoted to the preservation of the Second
    Amendment, as well as Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Among the
    blocked is the web site of Prof. John Lott Jr., the author of scientific
    research on the influence of lawful firearms ownership on crime rates, the
    author of the books

    More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws (Studies in
    Law and Economics (Chicago, Ill.).)

    The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control
    Is Wrong.

    Even though these websites have little to do with ³weapons², I find exist-
    ence of this category strange. Firearms are just tools made by good guys
    for good guys for self-defense, and their ownership is protected by U.S.
    Constitution, and a right thing to do is to educate children on their safe
    usage, not to block information about them.

    Of course, I perfectly understand that it is enough to find the list of the
    blocked subjects and uncheck the ³weapons², but it is also pretty clear that
    most of the parents will install the program without ever getting to that
    list, even less to the bottom of it where the ³weapons² category is located,
    and even if they do, no sane person would assume that it refers to
    ive political websites having no guns depicted on them and dedicated to the
    preservation of the U.S. Constitution. So, by creating this category and
    putting these websites into it you silently block access to those political
    views for children of many unsuspecting parents.

    Just out of curiosity I tried some of the anti-gun websites. Here are the


    http://www.onemillionmoms.com/ -- Million moms march -- Brady campaign to prevent Gun Violence.
    http://www.bradycenter.org/ -- same
    http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~zj5j-gttl/guns.htm - A Case for Gun Control
    http://www.gunfree.org/ - Coalition to stop gun violence
    http://www.nyagv.org/ -- The mission of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence
    http://www.paxusa.org/ - Real solutions to Gun violence
    http://www.mppgv.org/ - The Michigan Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence
    http://www.wagv.org/ Women Against Gun Violence
    http://www.ncgv.org/ N. Carolinians against gun violence
    http://www.ipgv.org/ - Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence
    http://www.ocagv.org/ Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
    http://www.ichv.org/ -- Illinois council against handgun violence
    http://www.the-indigestible.com/specials/gcn/ -- Gun control Now

    Anti-gun sites blocked:

    http://www.vpc.org/ -- Violence policy center.

    -- the only 2 I was able to find!

    Obviously, this pattern is not a result of randomly blocking all websites
    related to the subject of gun control. This could only be achieved as a
    result of a conscious effort to block conservative websites, dedicated to
    the protection of the Constitution, while not blocking the liberal ones.
    Among the sites you did not block are the websites of organizations such
    as former ³Handgun control Inc², now the ³Brady Campaign etc.² dedicated to
    banning guns, and while the can not do it legally _ by repealing the Second
    Amendment _ they are trying to do it by putting a pressure on U.S. legislat-
    ure to pass anti-constitutional laws, while ignoring the Constitution. This
    is a very interesting choice for web sites available for children.

    I am not sure if this is a screw-up by some low-level clerk, or an official
    policy of the Symantec corporation. Until this problem is resolved, I will
    refrain from purchasing any of your products, including paying for any of
    the virus definition updates _ I will switch to other programs.

    I will post this letter on my website http://vkus.freeyellow.com in the
    Letters section. This website is also not a ³weapons² website, it is a
    conservative political website dedicated to the right of the people to
    self-protection. If you ever choose to send me a reply, I promise to post
    it in the unchanged form on the same website. I will distribute this letter
    to pro-gun web sites, newsgroups and mailing lists.


  2. Dave R

    Dave R Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Anybody got Symantec and can confirm this? If so, I smell a boycott and letter campaign coming on.

    We were successful is turning around Applebee's in Texas...

    I use Norton on one PC and no problem getting websites. I have McAffee on another PC and same story. Actually, I don't think either of those blocks any sites, so may not be a valid comparison.
  3. geegee

    geegee Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    North Texas
    Your timing is pretty good, as I bought this yesterday and installed it. I read your post, turned on the parental control, and started hitting the links you provided. I didn't hit all of them, but I guess it's fair to say your post is correct. Not one of the "anti" websites was blocked, but all of the "pro-2nd" were. :fire:

    Honestly, I'd be interested to know if there are any filtering software programs that don't screen for firearms. I never thought much about it and I certainly haven't seen any competitive reviews, but it seems that this would be something the NRA should dig into (maybe put some summer intern on it). I don't know how surprised any of us would be, but the results would be illuminating. geegee
  4. Tim McBride

    Tim McBride Member

    Jun 14, 2003
    Well maybe

    Symantec Internet Security 2003 does include the abilty to filter sites.
    I'll see if we have a copy around here and try to verify the site list
  5. IAJack

    IAJack Member

    Jan 28, 2003

    I find AVG antivirus by Grisoft to be an excellent program..been 100 percent and free with free updates. Also a couple of the free firewall programs are sufficiant for most users as well and if you really need tight security you should be running your own firewall/router anyway.
  6. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Dec 24, 2002
    Idahohoho, the jolliest state
    Not surprising, considering how dishonestly Symantec offers "new" versions of Macintosh programs that are actually several years old.
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