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FWD: Utah: Anti-gun from SLTrib too

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by WAGCEVP, Oct 4, 2003.

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    WAGCEVP Member

    May 26, 2003
    Less anyone think the SLTrib forgot to dance in the blood of innocent victims
    and stupid, reckless, law breaking young people, notice how Holly Mullen
    compares innocent children playing in their own driveway, to law breaking
    adolescents who rummage through a neighbor's car or somehow get ahold of
    firearms that are illegal to own without federal permits. She also draws a
    subtle parallel between a drunk/impaired driver who mows down children in their
    own yard and a law abiding gun owner who legally keeps a weapon in his car.
    Maybe he should have locked his car "so that a good boy won't go bad," to quote
    the failed ad campaign of yesteryear on the very topic of locking one's car.

    Again, letters can be sent to <letters@s...> or <hmullen@s...> and
    for those who do not belong to the NRA, be sure to mention that.


    Charles Hardy


    Mullen: 'Accident' is a curious word

    by Holly Mullen
    Salt Lake Tribune Columnist

    September slips away this week, burnished and golden, and as a notably
    tragic month for Utah children.
    Four kids died in the past three weeks, all victims of high-profile,
    violent incidents. Notice, I did not say "accidents." More in a moment.
    These deaths got front-page press and prime-time broadcast. They stood out
    in their senselessness.
    On Sept. 18, Jorge Almeida-Robles, 9, and his sister Yanira Robles, 4, were
    killed while playing in their Taylorsville driveway with their 6-year-old
    brother, Christopher. Michael Joseph Whitton,19, drove his Buick across the
    median at 1300 West and slammed into the three children, killing Yanira and
    Jorge instantly. Christopher, though badly injured, is expected to recover.
    A toxicology report allegedly revealed a cocktail of marijuana,
    methamphetamine and opiates in Whitton's bloodstream. He is charged with two
    counts of criminal homicide, driving under the influence and failure to stop at
    the scene of an accident.
    Two other children died, a 12-year-old (whose name police did not release)
    from South Jordan on Sept. 9 and Caleb Herrera, 14, at his Salt Lake home on
    Sept. 19. Both boys had been hanging with friends. Both had found handguns.
    Both died of gunshot wounds -- Herrera's apparently was accidentally
    self-inflicted, and the 12-year-old was shot accidentally in the head by his
    &lt;ilayer&gt;&lt;/ilayer&gt;&lt;layer&gt; &lt;/layer&gt;

    Accidents, all of them. Police officially call them that. Reporters and
    editors refer to them as that. Accidents.
    Curious word, "accident." It carries the element of unintentional behavior,
    of something that no one planned, an event that was never meant to occur. You
    slip, accidentally, on icy pavement. You leave the coffee pot on, accidentally,
    and go to work.
    Certainly, no one intended these tragedies to happen. When Michael Joseph
    Whitton allegedly stuffed his system with drugs last week, he only meant to
    drive somewhere. Three siblings were playing in their driveway, just like any
    of 100 other days. With Whitton at the wheel, his car was a deadly missile.
    Likewise, police described the two gunshot deaths as accidents. In South
    Jordan, the 12-year-old victim and his 14-year-old buddy were cleaning a
    neighbor's garage, when the 14-year-old found a .40-caliber handgun under the
    front seat of the homeowner's car.
    The weapon discharged, hitting the 12-year-old in the head. He died early
    the next morning.
    The gun was inside the man's vehicle, in his garage, on his private
    property. And before the NRA e-mail tree cranks up, I know that no laws were
    As for failure to behave like a responsible gunowner? No law against that,
    either. An adult stored a gun, with its clip, under a car seat, in a suburban,
    kid-packed neighborhood.
    No, he did not mean for this to happen. Keeping a gun is his right. Now, he
    might have taken advantage of a trigger lock. He might have even kept the clip
    in the glove box, far enough away from the gun, perhaps, to give the boys pause.
    Instead, there was an accident.
    The neighbors said that. "It's just really sad," one told The Salt Lake
    Tribune. "It's just a tragic accident," said another.
    As for Caleb Herrera, who was buried on Thursday, police are still trying
    to determine where he and his pal got two handguns and two sawed-off shotguns
    the day they cut class from Salt Lake's Northwest Intermediate School. They
    only know the weapons were stolen from somewhere in Utah.
    Sawed-off shotguns. Illegal to own, but there they were -- readily
    available, handy, enticing. Their only purpose is to kill. And they did.
    Accidentally, of course.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2003
  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Dec 24, 2002
    Idahohoho, the jolliest state
    Oh, those bad, bad guns! They're so mean! They're just awful—and of course, they have no practical value whatever, and no one's ever responsible for them.

    Oh. Wait a minute. I thought for a moment I was a leftist extremist. Whew!
  3. CrudeGT

    CrudeGT Member

    Sep 27, 2003
    SLC, Utah
    this is such crap. Heck, why stop the blame there. I know, let's blame the police for not pulling over the drugged up driver, where were they. Hell let's put the guns on trial and see what they have to say. Cuz everyone knows that it's the guns that make people bad, people were good and innocent before guns were invented. hell, let's blame god for making the metal to produce the guns.

    this bulls#!t pisses me off so much. There was a case here in Utah a few years ago where a girl was driving her new Camaro down the road. The car had tinted windows, so you couldn't see who it was. A gang pulled us next to her and thought it was a rival gang in the camaro. They opened fire and killed an innocent girl. It was in a highly patrolled area, so police were there shortly and actually caught the guy that shot the girl. the's in jail now, where he should be. However, shortly after this we had one of those ridiculous Mothers For Gun Control gatherings, or something like that. The mother of the girl who was shot, got up on a podium and said " I do not blame the man that pulled the trigger, i blame the bullet that killed my daughter". Great, let's think this through. Why don't we take the gangster out of jail, let him back on the street, but we'll put that bullet behind bars for life. that'll show those bullets not to hit people, since they have minds of their own and all. (sorry for ranting, human stupidity and ignorance pisses me off)
  4. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    Jul 25, 2003
    The Great Pacific NorthWet
    And I bet he was a licensed driver with a registered car too.
    We ought to ban cars.. this stuff didn't happen when we all rode horses!


    Were they sawed off before these honor students aquired them or after?
    Does the reporter even know what a sawed-off shotgun really is? (most don't) :rolleyes:

    On a lighter note, I can just invision the 14 year old right after he shot the 12 year old, looking down the barrel wondering where the bullet came from... Hmmm all I did... was press my finger here.... like th..... :evil:

    Nature once again attempts to filter the gene pool.
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