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FYI: New Silk & Steel Women at Arms book

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by WAGCEVP, Sep 10, 2003.

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    WAGCEVP Member

    May 26, 2003
    From: WilsonBook@aol.com
    To: info@wagc.com
    Subject: New Silk & Steel Women at Arms book
    Date: Sep 10, 2003 12:58 AM
    Dear Women Against Gun Control:

    My new book of the above title should be of interest to your supporters and
    to your organization.

    S & S proves that Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Cybil Shepherd, Clare
    Boothe Luce and Madonna are all among the ever-increasing and evolving
    sisterhood of shooters. Paxton Quigley and Prof Mary Zeiss Stange are among the
    of this book, both keen shooters.

    The book has over 3,000 images, and about 125,000 words in text and captions.
    Measures 8 1/2- x 11-inches, and is in the oblong or landscape foremat -
    followup to my Ruger and Beretta books, and to two other official company
    histories: Colt An American Legend and Winchester An American Legend.

    Random House has been sending review copies to the major women's magazines,
    and to network tv, and other likely candidates for publciity and/or review. The
    book willl not be in the stores until early November, but magazines and TV
    plan their programming or articles about three months in advance.

    I'm hoping the book will help to eliminate the stigma the anti-gun and
    anti-hunting activists in the mainstream try to make people feel about owning and
    using guns.

    I have committed to the purchase of 5,000 standard editions of the book, and
    to 1,000 leatherbound, #d and limited editions. Naturally, it would greatly
    help my sales if your supporters knew that they could place an order at my
    toll-free number, (866) 278 2888. All copies I sell will be signed by me.

    If you are in need of a mailing address: PO Box 430, Hadlyme CT 06439.
    Website is: wilsonbooks.com; e-mail - wilsonbook@aol.com. Naturally all books coming
    from me will be signed; further, they will include a four-page special
    section not in the books sold in stores, with a special Introduction by Her Grace
    The Duchess of Northumberland, and two extra pages of photographs. Further, I am
    signing both the standard edition ($65+$5 postage) and numbering and signing
    the leatherbound ($250, postage included).

    There will also be a major traveling firearms exhibition based on SILK &
    STEEL, which is scheduled to open at the Rosenbruch Wildlife Heritage Museum, St.
    George UT, in December. Later this it will go to about seven other
    institutions around the US, with the final stop (likely) at the Royal Armouries
    (Leeds). There is also a TV documentary in the offing - for which we already
    have the distribution, just awaiting about $1 million in funding to complete a
    six-episode series. Already 3/4 of the funding is in place.
    With best regards,
    Larry Wilson
    If you need to speak with me, I'm at 415 835 5999 - but often gone after 11
    am San Francisco time.

    I feel this book offers an unusual opportunity for groups like yours to
    increase your public and media profile, because it should arouse a great deal of
    public and media interest, and focus it in a wide spectrum of directions on
    women and firearms.
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