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Galco Skyops Holster

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Richard, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. Richard

    Richard Member

    Jan 2, 2003
    Southeastern Michigan
    As many know I won a Galco Skyops holster on the 10mm board and I tried it today. I wore this holster behind the right hip all day and I barely notice it is there. I have never been a big Galco or tuckable holster fan but this holster works and works well. The Skyops holster is comfortable and it only lacks one thing in my opinion, the top of the holster should be stiffer to aid reholstering. The heavy poly strap used to attach the holster to the belt works the best of any I have seen. If you are in the market for a CCW holster the Skyops gets a thumbs up from me. Regards, Richard :D
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