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Galco Summer Comfort that will fit a Sig P250SC?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Damnit, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. Damnit

    Damnit Member

    Apr 20, 2011
    I checked Galco's website and I don't see that they make a "Summer Comfort" IWB Holster for the Sig P250. I guess that makes sense since the P250 can be a few different sizes (then again, they have a version for every single species of glock under the sun...). I like my P250 sub-compact and I want to use it as a carry gun (even though it's bulky) so I'm wondering if anyone knows if one of the other Sigs is so similar in size and design that I could simply buy the Summer Comfort holster for that gun and have it fit my P250.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. JTQ

    JTQ Member

    Apr 6, 2009
    NW Florida
    High Noon shows the P250, in various sizes, available in most of their IWB models. Some are similar to the Galco Summer Comfort.


    I'm sure High Noon isn't the only one making holsters for the Sig P250, but they do a good job listing what gun models are available.

    I don't think I'd buy an "almost" holster, when there are makers that can give you a holster designed for your pistol.
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